Play Nice

1. I fell in love with this top as soon as I saw it... in ... wait for it...................... Target.
Yup. This little (p)leather, peplum number... $24.99. SCOOOOOOOORE! Target is also where I found this chevron skirt. I didn't plan on wearing them together when I purchased them, but it's been a while since I have bought anything new, and sometimes I just love new clothes so much that I end up wearing them all at once.When I was a kid (at Christmas, right after everything was opened), I'd wear my new purple robe, my Jellies sandals, put my softball mitt on my hand, all of the multicolored headbands in a value pack on my head at once, AND sport my Cabbage Patch backpack over my robe... duh. Not much has changed, really. Except my love for softball. Eff that noise.

2. My "bargain of the century" outfit got me numerous compliments from strangers... (one girl literally stopped me dead while I was walking down the street) which is always nice, right? I don't know about you, but normally if someone looks me up and down, or for just a second past what I am comfortable with, I am assuming that they are thinking something negative and/or mean (especially women). I can go into a spiral of self-doubt quicker than I can suck lipstick smudges off of my two front teeth (which is lightening fast, I might add). Annnd, because I think this way, I am really conscious when I check out other women (which I do all of the time). I almost always verbalize my thoughts with a compliment, letting them know that I looked too long because I like their shirt/shoes/hair, or just because I think they look pretty; NOT because I am a mean, insecure bitch who derives sick pleasure in making another women feel like a piece of shit. I have NO problem talking to strangers (somehow the "stranger/danger" memo missed me). I mean... I  still don't trust caravans without windows, but that's just common sense, right?.  I'm a big advocate of women complimenting, supporting, and lifting up other women. It's a damn waste of time to compare, judge, and hate. It feels as good to give compliments to another women as it does to receive them. Try giving a random compliment to someone you don't know. Do it. You may be looked at funny once in a while,  but 98% of the time you will see that most people really appreciate a nice, unsolicited, genuine compliment (especially from another woman). Their face softens, they smile from ear to ear, and you instantly make someone's day (including your own). The chick walking down Central Ave. last night made mine. I mean, we are all in this together, right... fighting the good fight, trying to feel good about ourselves, and keep our heads up? Happy girls are the prettiest, so if you want to feel better about yourself... here's an idea... don't be a bitch. It's rough enough out there.
<End Rant>

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