Lotus Trunk Shows: Get You Some

Dear Ladies of The Queen City-

My fav-O-rite boutique in all the land (and probably yours) is going to be closed this week while it's receiving  a little facelift. Well, more like the equivalent of a  chemical peel really. LOTUS will be back looking refreshed, not unrecognizable. I know what you are thinking. "WHAAAHHH? I need something to wear for the 4th, for the weekend, for my upcoming vacation!" Never fear, Mamacitas... you have 2 chances to shop before LOTUS reopens it's doors on Saturday. They are holding 2 trunk shows over the next 2 days. Tonight's is at Crave (uptown), and tomorrow's is at Twenty Two Gallery (beneath SOUL Gastrolounge in Plaza-Midwood).

I thought I'd let you know before you get in your car, drive uptown to The Met, nearly get in a fist fight with a patron of Trader Joe's over a parking space, fail at your attempt to protect your hair from the rain (with the crumpled up cardigan sweater in your back seat), only to run to the doors of LOTUS to find them locked! Oh, the horror!

So... now you know. Come. Bring your girlfriends, have a few drinks, and peruse their insanely cute new Summer arrivals. Don't forget to click this link and print out your 20% off coupon though before you drop in.

If you attend tomorrow night's trunk show, maybe I'll see ya there! Happy Shopping!!

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