A "Pinspiring" Post...

  • I kind of want to be this woman. I love everything about this picture. And these quotes. 

  • It's okay to be a little "lost"... "imperfect"... and it's definitely liberating to "stop analyzing the past". Don't cha think?  And... out of all of the things we as woman obsess over... becoming more comfortable in our own skin may be the only one worth hanging on to.  

  • Both of these things make me laugh. I actually always assume the worst when people stare at me, but I am working on not giving a damn. 
  • Teddy Roosevelt on a Moose Cool. Epic.

  • JK Rowling is the shit. Really. 
  • Words that make souls stronger. Love that. 
  • Haters gonna hate.

  • Living. Loving. Forgiving. Praying. Lifting people up. Having Faith. The right stuff (does that immediately put NKOTB in your head too?).
  •  This Nelson Mandela quote is one of my all time favorites. I wish we were friends in real life. Cause... we definitely are in my mind.
  • This little collage is for one friend of mine in particular. She is a college friend. She is in a shit storm of hurt right now (and has been for 2 years). She is in love with the wrong person and the whole experience is kicking her ass. These quotes are for you. You know who you are. 

  • This is probably the best definition of jealousy I have ever seen. Powerful stuff, huh?
  • We need to be nice to eachtoher. We are all going through something. REALLY good to remember. 
  • Give the world all that CHOO got!!
  • Constantly trying to impress someone is exhausting. Let that shit go.
  •  Two of my nephews visited me this weekend. They brought a TON of joy to my days and the middle quote reminded me of a conversation I had with my SIL and her Mama.
  •  This is a picture that I took about 6 months ago of my Manfriend's hand in mine. I love it. It's simple, but it says a lot to me; and I often use the quote in purple as a starting point for my prayers of gratitude. Oh, and the last one... can I get an AH-FRIGGIN-MEN????

  • I love Hilary Clinton. I don't care what you say. I heart her. 
  •  "Bows Before Bros"... I definitely prefer this to the more popular quote of "Bros before Hoes". Come on now. Get outta here with that crap. And these are some of my best girls. 

  •  Like your own company. Not ironically, I found this e-card while I was eating breakfast. At a restaurant. By myself. 
  • HILARITY... the last 2... freakin' hilarious.
  • Make yourself stong. 
  • Don't settle for half-assed love. 
  • Be Who YOU Wanna Be.

  • Gratitude. Important.
  • This is one of the books I read for my July challenge. I challenged myself to read 10 books. I only got through 8, but that is 7 more than I usually get through in a month.  Khaled Hosseini is one of my favorite authors. He has only published 3 books, but all 3 are on my FAV list. They are great. 
  • This ring. I want it SO bad. I only have one gold ring that doesn't turn my finger green. I would wear this as a wedding band, or an every day ring. I don't care what finger it goes on, but I am OB.SESSED with it! OBSESSED.
  • "... press on to the greater achievements of the future..."
  • For all of us who have once feared that the bottom was all there is. Nope... it's temporary. It's a lesson. It's a journey. It's just a storm. It's life... and scars fade, Mamacitas. Scars fade.


  1. Love those Inspiration quotes your post. I printed out your last one and I will do that with this as well :-) Thank you.

    How was the Food providing on friday. Did you find anybody helping you out with it?


    1. Hi Ani! Thank you. I love quotes that inspire me. I'm glad you like them too.

      Dinner for the Homeless Shelter is next month, September 2oth, and yes... I had more than enough volunteers reach out to me, so I am really excited about that!!

      Sending you much love!!!