No Less Than 3 lbs. of Jewelry... and Some Big News

I was on the verge of having a "look" there for a minute. My look consisted of a slicked back (filthy most of the time) bun and red lipstick. The end. So...  I tried to switch it up by actually blow drying my hair. What a novel idea, huh? Speaking of hair... it's growing like a weed. When I cut it a few months ago (May), I could hardly get it in a ponytail, and now it is in a (fairly high) messy bun... with only ONE bobby pin in the back. Score.

I wore this dress on Sunday to church, but I didn't do a blog post in it that day. Why? I looked like absolute dog shit on Sunday, that's why. Not that I look that great today (because I am self-aware... I know I don't). On Sunday however, my frizzy hair was blow dried but not straightened (NOT good), my face was ALL jacked up from crying my makeup off (from the good kind of crying at church), and I didn't accessorize. I mean... if I don't have at least 3 lbs of jewelry on at all times something just seems off. So today I had a "do over"... because this dress is cute. It deserved more from me. 

On another note, let's discuss just how EFFING WHITE I am!!! It's August, What the HEYLL! I need some self tanner STAT. This is November skin. Thanksgiving Day skin. My legs look like I am wearing those white pantyhose things that nurses wear. Well, I don't know if nurses still have to wear them, but my Mom is a nurse and she always had some of those hideous things in her top drawer back in the day.

So... after admitting that I rarely do my hair, looked like dog crap the last time I wore this dress, and pointed out my see through skin, I 'd like to point out a major milestone in my life. Engagement... Marriage... Kids... Promotion... Lottery Winner???? Nope... bigger. Wait for it.... a hint...  of a visible...  tricep muscle!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at picture number 3. There is the faintest little shadow there and it's not dirt. It's a legit muscle forming. If you didn't grow up a fat girl you may not understand the joy that comes from this. You just can't. It's major. I'm pumped.

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