Maternity Photo Shoot: The Cutest Couple This Side of the Mississippi... is HAVING A BABY!!!!

Do you ever meet a couple and think to yourself... "Dear GAWD... I hope those two don't reproduce!?!?!?" Well... this is NOT that couple.

Beautiful? Check. Hilarious? Check. Smart... Caring... Successful... Loving... Strongly Rooted in Faith... ADOOOORABLE... CHECK CHECK CHECK!!! You get the picture. This amazingly gorgeous couple is welcoming a baby girl veeeery soon, and they wanted to capture these moments before they pass.... their relationship, their love, and all of their excitement. When their daughter grows up and looks at these, she will know just how much she was loved even before she was born.

J&S - I am honored to have been asked to capture these moments for you. Congratulations on your baby girl. I cannot WAIT to meet her.

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