Barbie Meets G.I. Joe

So... I have had this dress in my closet for over a year and never worn it. It's much more neon than these pictures lead you to believe. It's actually BRIIIIIIGHT pink. That... on top of the full, pleated skirt makes it exceptionally "girly". Now, don't get me wrong... I like girly, but I felt like the dress needed a little "toughening up" before I could comfortably wear it past the age of 11. Enter... this Army green, military-inspired vest. Now... you may not like these two things together, but I think they provide balance. The pink softens the vest, and the vest edges up the dress. Puuuurfect mix if you ask me. If Barbie and G.I. Joe had a scandalous romp that resulted in a love child... she may wear this outfit.

I wore this to a Happy Hour/Fundraiser for Care Ring on Friday night. Care Ring is a non-profit that helps to provide healthcare for the working poor, uninsured, and under-insured in Charlotte. I met up with some of my favorite ladies there and then we headed to an art show in NoDa. I even purchased an original piece of art. (I'll share a pic of it when I get it home.) It was pretty much the perfect Friday night. Fundraiser... art show... good friends... AND late night Mexican food... who could ask for anything more???  Especially since most of my Friday nights consist of stained pants with an elastic waistband... a hooded sweatshirt that I got at Goodwill 15+ years ago... no less than 7 back to back Law & Order reruns... and a bedtime of 11pm. I'm a damn animal. 

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