A Prom "Up-Do" and one Heck of a Deal

I'm afraid there aren't going to be many more days (and by many more, I mean zero) I can get away with wearing this dress this year, even in North Carolina. It's starting to cool down juuuust enough to remind us that summer is no more. Which, kind of sucks, considering it rained pretty much all of June, July, and August. This is a Charlie Jade dress (a.k.a - normally pretty expensive and only found in boutiques) that I found randomly at Marshall's a few months ago. It was originally almost $150 bones and I snagged it for like $45. SCOOOOORE!!!! (you need to say that like they scream "GOAL" during professional soccer matches to get the full effect of my excitement). It's perfect for a wedding reception, or fancy date night. I however, am sporting it on a Saturday afternoon for no reason other than I didn't want to go the entire summer w/o wearing my bargain of the century. I've always wanted to mature into one of those completely irrational old lady's who wear ridiculously fancy things for no apparent reason. Considering on Saturday I went to the bank drive-thru, the grocery store, Smoothie King, the UPS store, and then.... Barnes & Noble... I believe I am WELL on my way.

Oh, and if you are wondering why I am sporting a random prom, "up-do", it is because my hair is filthy. Capital "F" filthy. Like... day 5. I was too lazy to do it, so I just curled it and put it back. I mean... who needs a wash and fresh hairspray, when you have copious amounts of old hairspray hanging out on your head holding everything together so well?"


  1. I wish my hair looked that good when it hasn't been washed for 5 days. Instead it is an oily limp mass stuck to my forehead. Think serial killer in for life. That would be me.

    I love that you wore this dress because you wanted to. We should all be doing that. Imagine how much nicer it would be to see everyone dressed up all the time.

    I can see why you wanted to wear the dress so badly. It looks gorgeous! I love how you've belted it too.


    1. SUZANNE!!! Hahahahahaha.... YO!!! "serial killer for life"... I die. THAT is hilarious. It's probably a good thing that your hair is a greasy mess after a couple of days. THAT is normal. What is not normal is to have hair SO dry that you can go a fiscal quarter w/o washing it. Proooobably NOT good.

      I agree! I feel like we should all dress to the nines whenever the urge strikes. It's so much easier to walk with your head held higher in a pretty dress (versus the yoga pants I normally wear on the weekends).

      LOVE your comments! You're the best.