Spanish Matadors

1. In this outfit, I look like a Spanish matador. A gay... Spanish... matador. Good thing I didn't come across any raging bulls in Corporate America today. The closest thing was this interaction...

2. I was on the elevator (on my way up to my office) this morning with two older women. One of the two women looked at me (up and down) and said, with a half-smile (and a bit of judgement)..."Oh... you look like you are going on Dancing with the Stars". The other woman immediately jumped in and said.. "No, you do not, Sweetheart... you look sharp. You look like you have style, and that you do not care what all of these other people THINK. I like that. You look sharp, Honey. You do NOT look like you are going on Dancing with the Stars". BAM!!! Take that, random elevator, Beeeeatch. Hahahahaha....

Truth... I chose not to take the first comment as a dig really, until the other stranger came to my defense. Then I felt like I should have been as offended as she was, and all of a sudden... I was. Dancing with the Stars... Pffft!!

3. Style Night Out is like TOMORROW! AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I am SO pumped... and a little terrified that I am going to do something ridiculous and embarrassing. I am hosting the "Red Carpet" (a.k.a - pretending that I am Giuliana Rancic). SO... if you see me, PLEASE, come say HI and talk to me. And... if I have lipstick on my teeth, or if I need to adjust my boobs, please let me know. Gracias, Mamacitas. Gracias...


  1. Well the one woman was obviously jealous. So funny that the other woman came to your defence. Gotta love that.


    1. Yeah... I was cracking up. The "hater" was about my age. The other was older and she verbally smashed that chick. It was pretty funny, indeed!!! I love when we stand up for one another. :)