A. I don't know at what point in my life I decided that it was okay to plaster horizontal stripes all across my ass, but it happened and I'm rolling with it.

B. I got complimented numerous times today on my "messy up-do", which is astounding to me considering this is how it came to be:

    1. I put my hair in a little braid before bed last night.
    2. I woke up exhausted, and decided that I would rather pour bleach in my eyes and pull my     fingernails out of their beds than take the time to do my hair today.
    3. I took said braid and twisted it into a low "bun".
    4. I took 4 big bobby pins and secured my dirty, slept-in braid to my head (hiding the ponytail holder in the middle of it).
    5. I "hairsprayed" it within an inch of it's life.
    6. LA-TEE-FRIGGIN-DAH! A "messy" up-do.

C. The necklace I am wearing ties in the back and you can make it longer or shorter. Instead of bunching all the loose stuff up in the back I let it hang down. It does double duty that way. It adorns my neck and my back ("my neck... my back...." oh.... sorry... inappropriate... were you with me?? Singing that old, dirty-ass Khia song? No? Me either.).

D. These earrings are clip-ons. Yup... clip ons. Like your grandma wears. They used to be regular post earrings, and they used to have large black feathers hanging off of them. BUUUUT... let's be honest, the whole "feathers" trend didn't last long, and they were kind of hideous. SO... I removed the feathers, removed the posts, and put clips on the back of them (they were too heavy for posts). TA-DA!!!! Repurposed. I now have big, vintage-looking over-sized studs (and own a glue gun). These are now my favorite earrings.

E. I wore this skirt yesterday and I cried (nothing major, I just cry over shit sometimes... I am an emotional creature). When I cried, my tears fell on my lap. My dirty, mascara-stained tears, which left a mark. SO... when I woke up this morning and decided that not only was I going to refuse to do my hair, I was also not going to put ANY effort into my outfit. SO... I took this skirt off of the ironing board I had it laying on and put it back on... BACKWARDS. Yup... I just moved those little stains to the back. Like it NEVER happened.

P.S- I wasn't going to see anyone today that I saw yesterday, so it's cool that I wore the same skirt, right? Well... that's my rule, anyway.

P.P.S- When I cry, the next day, I look like HELL. Eyelids all swollen... exhaustion all over my face... I favor Sloth. You know from The Goonies ("Hey YOU guuuuys").


  1. My face looks like I've been in a car accident the day after I've been crying. And I'm not nearly as pretty as Mr. Sloth here.

    I like your choice of heels and accessories here.


  2. Melissa - What's the scoop on your skirt? Where did you purchase? Love this whole look!
    xoxo Suzanne

  3. Melissa, most of the time I do my hair with the less time and care, it turns out to be wow or at least People comment on it, so funny. Love love your messy bun :-), cant believe how quick your hair grew :-)

    Why did you cry sweetie? :-(