See Through Shorts and a Girl Crush

This is what I wore to dinner with a girlfriend on Friday night. 

When I returned home from said dinner, my Manfriend (after a few minutes of looking at me funny) said (in a kitchen full of people)... "Babe... ARE YOU WEARING ANY UNDERWEAR?????!!!???" I was all like "WHATTTTT? Dude... these things are lined. See??? (as I proceeded to pull down the solid lining under the lace part of the shorts) Did you seriously think I was wearing see-through lace shorts... and with NO underwear nonetheless? Have you ever known me to wear straight up vagina shorts? I think not. I bring up that story juuuust in case any of you were concerned that I was assed out, walking around town in these shorts. I mean, you see the ruckus Miley's vinyl booty shorts caused. I don't want no problems. My lady parts are all sufficiently covered. I assure you. 

Not only did I have a GREAT dinner with a dear girlfriend on Friday night (love you, Darbie), but I was lucky enough to share lunch with a new girlfriend on Saturday. It was one of those lunches that lasts a couple of hours. We laughed, teared up, shared stories, perspectives, life lessons, etc. We had only hung out in larger social settings before this weekend, but we had lunch like loooong-time friends. It was wonderful. I don't know about you, but I always thought that it got a bit harder to make good girlfriends the older you get. There are just more competing priorities in your day to day life; but man, when you do make one... it's exciting. It's like having a crush almost... except you don't worry about dumb shit when they are around, like weather or not you look fat. Girl crushes are SO much less stressful than boy crushes. 

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