Wedding Weekend Recap... Jekyll Island, GA

As promised... here are some photos from the wedding we attended last weekend in Jekyll Island, Georgia. It is also the wedding I have been styling/helping to plan over the last year or so. I love this couple SO much, and they had perhaps the single most picture-perfect wedding EVER!!! It was at a beautiful, sleepy, Southern resort (Jekyll Island Golf Club). Being there made you feel like you stepped back in time. Beautiful, manicured lawns, walking and bike paths, rocking chairs on porches, Spanish-style cottages, huge weeping willow and palm trees. The resort is on the water and we were fortunate enough to have perfect weather every day. The Bride and Groom invited 50 of their closest friends and family. Every single person in attendance was important... special. There were no long lost great-aunts, twice removed. No random people that they had not seen since they were 6 years old. Everyone was there just for them, and every single person in attendance really loved and supported the couple. You could feel the love. It was palpable. There was plenty of stress-free down time for everyone; long dinners, drinks, bike rides, and pool time. The rooms were huge and comfortable, the food was great, and the wedding itself was perfection.

They were married by the Groom's father in a gorgeous garden right outside of the Crane Cottage, where we (the wedding party - my manfriend was a groomsman) all stayed. The Groom looked calm and cool, incredibly handsome, and picture perfect in his suit. I chose light tan Calvin Klein vests and pants for the groomsmen, and the full suit version for the groom. The guys wore the same paisley ties. The Groom in blue with yellow accents, and his men wore light yellow ties with blue accents. They all looked so dapper... perfect for a Southern garden affair. The bride... THE BRIDE! She was a vision. Absolute perfection. Her dress (lace)... hair (swept up with pin curls)... jewelry (pearl and diamond cluster earrings that she borrowed from yours truly)... everything.was.perfect. Stunning. She took my breathe away when I saw her. I can't even imagine how her groom felt when he got the first glimpse of his bride-to-be. The bridesmaids all looked gorgeous as well. We wanted them in a soft, neutral color palette, but not all beige and boring. We wanted each girl to feel good, to choose the dress and style that worked best for their body types. The bride wanted everyone in different, but complimentary colors, so we chose soft green, pale pink, peach, yellow, tan, and baby blue. All lined up with their bouquets of hydrangeas, they were gorgeous. Flawless.

After the ceremony we all dined outside under the shade of the cottage patio, then danced the night away. Lucky for us the DJ was more than willing to take our requests, so we never left the dance floor. At the end of the night we lit sparklers and watched the new Dr. and Mrs. depart on a horse-drawn carriage. No really... it was THAT perfect. They left on a carriage and spent the next hour holding hands and recapping the weekend under the stars. If I hadn't been there to witness it all myself, I may not have believed it either.

If you're not sufficiently lovesick after this post, feel free to go over to the "PHOTOGRAPHY" page and peruse our Engagement Session. The cuteness factor is OFF.THE.CHARTS.

Random phone pics from the weekend...

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