National Hand Bag Day

Today is National Handbag Day... whatever the hell that means!? So I thought I'd highlight some of mine over the last year or so. Maybe in honor of National Handbag Day I'll clean out my purse. I'm sure to find dozens of hidden treasures like... gum, bobby pins, red lipstick, tampons, pennies, receipts, exploded pens, a broken sunglasses lens, and a couple of "frequent shopper" punch cards for places I've only been to once. Exciting stuff, right? Yeah... cleaning my purse... not happening. National "holiday" or not.

You know what National Handbag Day made me realize? After looking at all of these pics, I now know that I have REALLY "veiny" hands... like 80 year old woman hands.  There is some serious blood flow happening here.

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