Dirty B...

This is what I wore to work today. I was NOT feeling it this morning, so I skipped the shower (working up a good Euro stank), washed my face around my eye make-up, pinned my overgrown scumbag hair back, and then put on the clothes that were on the floor near my bed from yesterday (after I gave them the ol' once over to make sure I hadn't spilled any ranch dressing anywhere... fatty... I know). I wore part of this outfit  (the bra, tank, shirt, and scarf) out to dinner last night  with my girlfriend, Carol. Carol, if you're reading this, I HEART the hell out of you and our bonding time made my week.

Here's the dinner outfit. I thought the scarf made the white jeans and see-through summery blouse a little more fall-like. Then today I picked a skirt that had the same color in it as the scarf and threw on my very first sweater of the season. BOOM new outfit. Let's have a moment of silence for the start of sweater season, shall we? Sweater season MMMMMMM... delicious, delicious sweater season.

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