Same Pants, Different Day

Pants: Express, Shirt: Michael Kors, Sweater: Old Navy, Vest: Target (2 years or so ago), Shoes: Off Broadway (a loooong time ago), Necklace: Lotus

So... here are my red pants.... yes, again... worn today with my matching ruby red slippers ("there's no place like home"). 

I only have 76 more wears to go before I actually wash these pants. I figure at the rate I am going, wearing them ALL THE TIME, I'll hit that mark by March or so. Being a complete dirtbag has an additional side effect (besides the obvious cost savings on detergent and dry cleaning). It also lends itself to body dysmorphic disorder. By the time I actually wash my clothes I can almost convince myself that I lost weight. By wear 3-4 things start to loosen up, by wear 56 everything feels like it's going to fall off. You walk around all day like... "my GAWD.. I am SO skinny now... anorexic almost...  I didn't even try. Wow... I should really eat something. Skin and damn bones". In reality, you're just a scum and haven't lost a pound. No? Maybe that only happens to me?

Speaking of these pants... this is the last time I will be wearing anything with a real waistband until this time next week. Thanksgiving... a holiday celebrating how the Pilgrims exploited Native Americans, real nice. I am thankful for a lot though. Like... leggings with elastic waistbands. I'm really freakin' thankful for those.

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  1. I need some red hot trousers as yours, especially with that patterned blouse it does have like a sugarmoma touch ;-). Did you wear this outfit when you took your preboyfriend for his birthday dinner and paid like 300 sth box? ;-) hahaha