My Mother...

Shirt and Pants: Old Navy, Sweater and Purse: Target, Boots: Off Broadway, Necklace: The Cheeky Bean, Ring: Online somewhere

 YO. YO. YO!!! I have not blogged in a while. Daaaang. I have been busy with family, (copious amounts of) food, work, and oral surgery. I'm sure you can say the same (minus the mouth issues, I hope). 

This is what I wore the day before Thanksgiving, the day my Mom got into town from New York. I must say, there is nothing like a visit from your mom to keep you humble. I walked into her room (my guest room) with this outfit on, and she says... "Oh, Mis.... don't you look 'down home', today? You look like you are going to ride horses or something." Then she takes a half a glance at my mouth, stares, and says.... "Oh my gosh, Sweetie... what is wrong with your mouth????? What happened??? Your gums...why do they look like that???" Later in the afternoon we are in the car when she leans over and says, "Honey, where did you get that necklace... PetSmart?"

Hardy-Friggin'-Har.... she had been in town less than 5 hours and already she had made fun of my outfit, pointed out that my mouth was not only jacked up, but incredibly noticeable to everyone around me, and insinuated that my jewelry looked like a dog's collar. Mothers... UGH... gotta love them. They will keep it real... whether you want them to or not!

My mom is a sweatshirt and jeans type of girl. She would rather pull her fingernails out of their beds than wear red lipstick. She chooses clogs over heels every time, and doesn't wear eyeliner because (and I quote) " I tried it once and I got it all over... screw it... it's too much work".  We are polar opposites in almost every way when it comes to taste. So much so, that if she hates something, there is about a 99% chance that I will love it, and visa versa. That being said... no one on this whole earth loves me more... understands me, supports me, has my back, builds me up, or has sacrificed more for my happiness. She is my favorite person on earth and even though she'd never let me pick out an outfit for her, we had an absolute blast. I got big, long, restorative hugs... caught up with deep, real-deal life conversations... laughed 'til it hurt... and felt "whole". I didn't realize how much I really miss her day-to-day until I had her here for a while. I cried like a damn baby when she left a few days later. I didn't mean to, it just kind of crept up. A few big tears formed, I hugged her, said good-bye and then when she was gone... I went in my dining room and lost it. Had a good ol' ugly cry. Couldn't catch my breathe cry. Manfriend hugging you while you snot all over his shirt kind of cry.

So, for all of my mommy-friends out there... your job is the toughest in all of the world (I don't have to be a mom to know that). It will come with struggle, heartache, and frustration. It will push every limit you have, and it will be thankless (for a long time). But... if you love your kids, and you NEVER let them doubt that, they will forget all of the things you may have "failed" to do, and they will love you with every fiber of their being; more than they even know what to do with. They will love you their whole life like that... and when they are 33 grown-ass years old they just may sob like a child when you leave them. 

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