So Wrong... But Soooooo Right

Couple of things: 

1. First and foremost.... Who has 2 thumbs and can open her mouth without scaring small children??? Who has two thumbs and a gum line WITHOUT a hole in it???????? Who you ask????

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

BOOM! Check out the second to last picture... a little bit of redness from the fact that it is new gum growth, but the hole is GONE. It was about TWICE the size of the red spot you see after surgery. Twice.The.Size. The human body is an AMAZING thing. Every time my body does something miraculous like heal itself it makes me want to do something nice back to it... like take a hot yoga class, schedule a massage, or get consistent with taking vitamins (the last time I took vitamins regularly they were shaped like Fred and Wilma Flintstone).

2.  Check out these pants. The 3rd pic shows the detail... kelly green, subtle pattern, cropped. Yes, yes, and yes. They are ADORBS. I love them. You know what else I love....

3.  This little vintage gold and silver belt. I bought it years ago (and it was old then) BUT, I have NEVER ever worn it. Five years it has been in my closet. It is not adjustable, so it's never really worked for me. It's way too big for my natural waist, and too small to sling it really low on my waist. I almost didn't even pick it up this morning to try, but alas... today was the day. These pants hit just right for my Studio 54-inspired, vintage, gold sequins belt to be worn. Halle-friggin-lujah.This belt is SO '70's, that it probably had a coke problem at one point.

4.  Sometimes when I see things that are funny, I take screen shots of them on my phone, and there they sit until I scroll through my camera roll 4 months later and laugh again. Here are a few things that make me smile. If they are wrong... I don't wanna be right.

  • Little "Olivia" from The Cosby Show talking trash? Hilarious. 
  • Ursala calling out "basic bitches"? Fantastic. 
  • Getting in a fight with a chick with painted on eyebrows, wiping them off with spitty thumbs and walking away the victor? I just peed my pants. 
  • This last pic. There are no words. I just can't.

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  1. Oh wow. I want some makeup lessons from the gal on the lower right. I think she may be trying to look like a Japanese anime character. Ink lines and all.