BIG Boots and Why Disney Princesses Can Kiss My @$$

Vest: Marshalls (couple of years ago), Shirt: Francescas, Purse: ShoeDazzle.com, Boots: Aldo, Earrings: LOTUS, Ring: Online somewhere?, Watch: Michael Kors

I know what you're thinking... you haven't seen boots THIS high since Richard Gere hired Julia Roberts for a week of (purely platonic) companionship.

So... My high school friends and I had an interesting exchange on Facebook yesterday about Disney and how shitty their story lines are as it relates to women, and what they "teach" little girls and boys. I thought it was so interesting that I'm sharing...

Initial Post from one of my best friends, Kim: 
How come I never realized before tonight that Ariel got married at 16? Wtf was wrong with King Triton? And Eric? And Disney? She could've easily been 22 (still an unacceptable marrying age) and not have had it affect the storyline.

My Comment: 
I've been going on feminist, anti-Disney rants since 1998 (but back in the day someone, who shall remain nameless didn't want to hear it). Rarely do the main characters have Moms, they are really close to their Dads who take care of them until they get swept off their feet by their "prince". Their normally fighting another woman who is the antagonist. They are insanely young, their hair is looooong, thick and full.... feet, waist, and hands are small and petite. Eyes are big and doe-like. Noses are small, breasts perky and they all have an hourglass figure. Even the SHEroes of the newer movies are still perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards and vying for a love interest who rides them off into the proverbial sunset. Eff'en Disney.

Related Tweet from my (hilarious and witty... and male) friend, Chris who tweets via an account that he set up as his baby daughter. If you are on Twitter... PLEASE do yourself a friggin' favor and follow @Ellie_Baby13. You will not regret it. Trust. 


My friend, Dan also added this link... "PRETTY" interesting..... 15 Terrible Love Lessons We Learn From Disney Princesses 

Now... don't get ALL OVER my ass about how they are "just" movies and it's up to the parents to teach their children about love, sexuality, self-respect, "gender roles", etc. No DUH it's up to the parents, of course they are entertaining... plus the music is good... no denying that that. BUT... this Disney Prince/Princess shht is for the birds. EFF'ed UP. Correct? 



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  1. You are very beautiful..I would kneel and kiss your boots.