A Beautiful Bitch...

Sweater and "love" necklace: LOTUS, Boots and Purse: ShoeDazzle, Watch: Michael Kors
 Greetings from snowy, Charlotte. Okay, so there is not much snow now, but last night it was legitimately coming down and my drive home from Uptown was a shitty mess.

This is my snow day/work from home outfit. Leggings... FLAT boots, and an over-sized sweater (that ironically enough has snowflakes on it). It's simple, but it's a MAJOR step up from my normal WFH (work from home) uniform... also known as ratty old sweat pants and college sweatshirt (size triple XL). Duh.

So, I got to thinking today, that these may be my last few days of life as I know it.

I decided that 2014 was the year that I stop "talking" and start really "doing". So... I registered for Pilates teacher training and enrolled in nutrition school. School starts in 11 days and teacher training in about a month. So basically... IT'S GAME TIME, BITCHES. The month of February (and the rest of the year) is going to include... my full time corporate job... this blog... planning meetings for Style Night Out 2014 (yes... already)... LOTS of Pilates... studying nutrition... oh... and (I also got offered) a little side job at my yoga studio for a few hours a week in exchange for a free unlimited classes.WHEW. I'm a liiiiitle nervous about putting all of that on my plate, but you only live once, right? And as "they" say...

"If not now... when"?!?!?!

Here are a few quotes that have given me motivation and inspiration lately... hopefully they'll do the same for you.

I'm not sure at what age we (especially women) become preoccupied with what people (many who don't matter AT ALL in our lives) think about us, but that concern can become paralyzing, right? Eff 'em. Do you.

Grab the world.... life's a bitch. A beautiful, beautiful bitch.

Do what it takes to move your life in the direction you want to see it go in. Being scared sucks...  and the fear, guilt, and anxiety that hold us back from the lives we want... well... they are a waste of time.

Listen to your gut. Chances are, that if you do something you love... you will be REALLY, ridiculously friggin' good at it.

Today is Oprah's 60th Birthday. Thank, God for Oprah. For real. What an example of what one person can do with one life. Where they can come from... where they can go... who they can impact... how they can changes the entire WORLD. I'd like this quote tattooed on my forehead.  The "who does she think she is" accusation used to sting like a slap in the face, but you know what? Most of the people who say that crap to you, aren't happy. They aren't doing much that they are proud of, so take it with a grain of salt. Don't let that shit talk mess up your peace. Screw 'em.

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