Celene Stones: A Love Story

What are these beautiful bangles adorning the page of this here blog tonight?!?!? Well... allow me to introduce you!

These my friends... are "Celene Stones", and the gorgeous girl featured is my dear friend, Krista. Don't cha just want to squeeze her as she sits there looking all effortlessly adorable (in her beanie, fur, and red lipstick!)????  UGH... if I didn't love the hell out of her I'd probably hate her for being so stinkin' cute.

I'm always talking about taking life by the proverbial horns... doing shit you LOVE... following your passions, and living out loud, right?!? Well, this little mama is doing just that. Here's the low down... the happs on the craps... the 411...

Two weeks ago, kind of "spur-of-the-moment-like" Krista took a jewelry making class at a local shop called, Beads Inc. (formerly Beads on a String). After that she went home and started making bracelets. She thought she'd just make some for herself and some of her best girlfriends, and that would be that. BUT...  when she gave one to one of our best girlfriends (Jackie), said girlfriend Instagramed a pic of Krista's creation... and BOOM... a business was born. No shit... that quickly. That organically. All of a sudden people were reaching out to Krista to request their own custom handmade treasures!

So... with support and a little push from her big sissy, Heather, Krista came up with a name... "Celene Stones" (after their "Nana" who turned 88 years old yesterday... and to this day is rarely seen w/o pink lipstick and jewelry on!). Krista created an e-mail account (celenestones@gmail.com) and an Instagram account... and started filling orders!

In 2 days, she has sold 18 bracelets... 9 of those that she shipped to women in states all over the country! IN TWO DAYS!!!!!!!! WHAT WHAT!?!??!

Krista is a little doodle-bug, magical unicorn type of girl. The kind of friend you hope to have. The one that is ALWAYS smiling... always supportive, always building you up... always hoping, believing and wishing the best for everyone around her. She loves life and LOVES LOVES LOVES the women in hers. As a matter of fact all of her designs are named for her best friends.

  • Baby Blues: a bracelet named after her friend, Emily, who is preggers with a baby boy
  • The Celene: her signature bracelet named after her Nana
  • Gracie: named for her beautiful Mom
  • Greek Goddess: after our very own Grecian Goddess, Effie
  • Lucky Charm: after our friend Jackie, who does a hilarious Irish jig every time she is happy and just happens to have a boyfriend from Ireland
  • Royals: after her dear friend, Katie whom she loves so much
  • Rock Star: after her friend, Danielle; who recently cut off her long brown hair in favor of a short platinum 'do... in what turned out to me the most liberating, most gorgeous, bad-ass make over of all time.
  • Heaven Sent: in honor of her best friend, Leah, who LOVES The Lord and has probably the biggest heart of anyone in this whole world
  • Unicorn Dreams: for her sister, Heather, who is magical and magnetic and always has her back
  • BOSS: after yours truly, or "Mel" as she calls me, because... in her own words... "(You're) someone I can count on... someone, who gets it done... whether "it" is...  your job, friendships, or passions... you give it your all." <<Aw... *tear*>>
All of these are different designs and as unique as the women they are named after. 

If you're interested in getting your very own, Celene Stones creation just e-mail Krista. She will send you photos of some of her designs, or pictures of loose stones so you can create your very own bracelet. You can also choose from gunmetal (black/silver-ish), rose gold, or yellow gold wire.

  • A signature, "Celene" bracelet (the 1st one in the 3rd pic) is a 3-stone made of iridescent crystal. Her signature bracelet. That will run you $32.00. 
  • A big mama-jamma, like the 1st one in the 1st picture, will cost you $42.00. 
*** If you mention that you heard about these through ModaFresca, you'll get 15% off one bracelet, and 20% off if you purchase more than one. ***

E-mail Krista (CeleneStones@gmail.com)... contact her via Instagram... comment on this blog post (using your g-mail account to log in), or comment on my FB page.
She's got a PayPal account all set up, she'll email you an invoice and ship it to you ASAP!!!!

I am in love with mine (the first two in the top photo) so I just thought I'd share. Ya know... before she blows up and becomes all Hollywood and shit.

Be sure to find Celene Stones on Instagram (celenestones), where she will share all of her latest creations!! XOXO


  1. Now I love CeleneStones more than I already did! I've been wanting one of her bangles for a while and out of the blue I decided to Google "Celene Stones Jewelry" to find pictures of all of her creations to drool over and lust after. Before I even clicked over to the images tab I saw this post. With all the amazing designs I see on Instagram I thought CeleneStones was run by a professional jeweler who had been making these bracelets for years! Now I want we even more knowing it was a spur of the moment amateur idea. I can't wait to have one of my own. Christmas cannot come soon enough!

    P.S. It would be really cool if she created an Etsy shop. She could offer pre-made and custom designs and it would be 10x easier to browse all her different designs and products.