Try To Make Me Go To Rehab, I Say... No... No... No

Cape: LOTUS, Skirt: Express, Shirt: Target, Necklace: Vestique

I left for work this morning ridiiiiiculously early. It was still dark. Real dark.

When I was leaving the house, my Manfriend had just opened his eyes. So, when he saw me and said... "Babe, is that a necklace made of teeth"? I was all like, "What the Fuuuhhh...". I thought he was was delirious. Still sleeping, maybe? Then, later in the day, on my way home, I heard a "news" story on the radio about Ke$ha. Apparently she is in rehab right now for an eating disorder and has asked her fans to send her REAL TEETH so she can make jewelry out of them.  No shit. For real? WHAAAAAA??? Teeth. Human teeth... as in enamel, pulp, and dentin. Crazy ass, Ke$sha.

This my friends, is plastic made to look like coral reef. It is not human teeth. Pinkie Swear.

Other than the whole teeth jewelry thing... I don't have much to add. I'm beat tonight. Exhausted. Kind of in a shitty mood. Nothing major, just REALLY, REALLY tired... and hungry... and I get angry when I am hungry. I heard that there is a new word for my affliction though... it's called, "HANGRY". A combination of "Hungry" and "Angry". It's a real thing. Some people are sweet... kind... humble... and patient when they are hungry. Others go into straight black-out beast mode. I am the latter.

Adios, Mamacitas. I am going to the kitchen, and I can't be held accountable for what's about to happen in there. It's NOT going to be pretty.

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