A One Day, 3 Store Home Makeover

Hey... Hey... Hey!!!! Hope you all had a good weekend and Superbowl Sunday.

On Saturday the Manfriend and I went to visit our friend, Jeff in Fayetteville, NC where he is stationed. Jeff is one of our closest friends, and he JUST returned home from a year-long tour of duty in Kuwait. Jeff asked if I would help him decorate his condo, and happily, I accepted the challenge. 

He has a really nice place, but it could definitely use some TLC... a woman's touch if you will. SO... off we went. I always joke that as long as I have a TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Target... I can decorate an entire house. I tested that theory this weekend, and it proved to be true.

My main objective was to bring some "light" into the space. It felt dark and hotel-like. It was super clean and neat, but it didn't look lived in. Jeff wanted to invest some dough in making his personal space light, airy, and comfortable. A place with a good energy. A place he could be proud of.

So... if you're interested in the details... this is what I did. Everything was done for about $2000. It took 3 hours of shopping and 2 hours of decorating. The guys came with me to push the carts and pay the bill, but other than that they just hung back. When it was time to go "home" with everything, they unloaded, put it all in the house for me, and off they went on a beer/dinner run and left me to do my thaaaaang in peace.

Dining Room: Before
After: I added a rug (over carpet) to define the space and then I "set" the table.
The base plates are from one set, the small plate and bowl are from another, and the glasses are from yet another. I like to go to places that don't make you buy dishes in sets. That way you can mix and match, high and low. Also, how dope is this candle holder? I love it. It brought in a natural, organic feel, and the wood is a nice masculine touch. I bought an electronic candle for it. That way it will always look nice, give off a great glow, and never turn his holder into a crappy, melted mess.
Main/Guest Bathroom: This bathroom is a little more important than most, because it is the bathroom that anyone coming to visit will use. Also, the way the condo is set up, you see it as soon as you walk in. So... clearly, we needed to make it a bit more inviting.
I got a funky shower curtain (not too feminine, not too masculine). I bought a wooden bath mat for in front of the shower (something  with a bit of texture... something different), and brought in little wooden accents with the shower curtain hooks.
I used the blue/gray color from the shower curtain for some sink accessories, and brought in more light wood. Again, I like to mix and match, instead of buying all of the same accessories.
I am obsessed with this candle. It smells like cologne. IT.IS.AWESOME.
The Guest Bedroom: Before
After. I chose an all white comforter with some textured lines in it, dark blueish-gray sheets and punched it up with some mix and match throw pillows.
So... you may have noticed that the end table, lamps, and coffee table in here are from the "before" living room. I liked them in the living room, but they were a bit too big for the space and too dark. They work perfectly in here though.  
Another "before" of the Living Room from a different angle.

I added a textured rug with some khaki and blue in it. I also wasn't really feeling the way that the original coffee table looked in the area. It was too big and too dark. SO... I took this little wicker chest from Pier One that Jeff already had just sitting in his guest room and I used that as a coffee table. In addition to that change, the big end table that used to be in the corner by the window... again... too big. It looked all crammed in there. So... I put this big silver lamp there instead. There is no overhead light in the room, so it was important that I left him with enough light in the space.
I added this accent chair in the living room, kind of off to the side, and we put a mirror up over it. I couldn't get a good picture of it that included the whole room, but if you look back at the second picture way up at the top, you can get a feel for how the finished area looked with the chair. Putting something in that previously "dead" space really opened up the living room and made it feel bigger. This little pillow is off white, so it doesn't clash, but it does have a textured design on it to make it a pit more interesting.

The only things I would really add to the space now are some curtain panels. But... for a one day, 3 store, w/in budget makeover... I think we accomplished a pretty major transformation.

I hope you enjoy it, Jeff. Thanks for trusting me with your space... and yo money! HA! XO

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