Red Bottoms and Garlic Bread

Skirt and Purse: Target, Shirt: Old Navy, Shoes: ShoeDazzle, Bracelet: Celene Stones (celenestones@gmail.com to get your own custom made piece -15% off if you mention ModaFresca), Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Lotus

1. I did not intentionally match my necklace to my purse to go to work, but ya know... I don't hate it.

2. Do you ever wonder what you would ask for if you had a Personal Maintenance Genie appear to grant you just one wish? I specify "personal maintenance" because I'd sound like a real asshole if I got one wish and didn't use it for the greater good (ie: ending world hunger, curing disease, etc.). But... this is not that kind of Genie. This is one that only grants selfish wishes centered around aesthetics and grooming.  I would ask for perfectly blown out, voluminous hair that never needed to be done by my own two hands. Ever. I am working with day 2 hair here and I had to constantly fluff it to prevent it from looking like a limp noodle. I don't mind shaving, putting on makeup, plucking my brows, putting together outfits, etc. BUT... I despise... loathe... CANNOT stand doing my hair. I do it once... maaaaaybe twice a week and even that throws me into a tailspin of anger and resentment. I often think... what would I do with all this time back?!?!?  Washing, conditioning, blow drying, straightening, etc. The shit is exhausting.

What would your wish be?

3. From a distance, these shoes look a little like Christian Louboutin, red bottoms. I assure you, they are not. They are $40 shoes that I ordered online 3 years ago. BUT... I definitely have caught women staring at them in Starbucks plenty of times. They are either thinking... "Damn... that chick has on $850 pumps, she must be a badass mamajammer who makes like a trillion dollars a year at her extremely important, totally rad job!?!"... or... (and the more likely scenario)... "Look at that broke bitch trying to walk around like she's got on red bottoms. PUH-lease..."

4. I have since thought more about the whole one-wish thing and I lied. Screw my hair, I would TOTALLY ask to have a rock hard body, and then to be able to eat whatever I want and never get fat. Yup... THAT would be my wish. Then I would just walk around with my dirty hair and knock off shoes eating lasagna and garlic bread. Naked.


  1. I'm totally with you on #4! LOL I thought to myself,"WHAT? Why is she wasting her wish on her hair???" ha ha ha

    That scenario has to be written into a movie.

    Thanks for making me laugh : )


  2. I am so with you when it comes to hair Melissa. When I am on vacation in Serbia I go to a briliant hair dresser there and I always tell him if I would be a millionaire i would def hire him, so he can do my hair all the time :-). Wouldnt that be great? Also I must say we both have thick and lots of hair, we shouldnt be complaining right? ;-)
    And who cares if shoes cost 1000 bucks or 30 as longs they look great, I dont bother which labe it is :-).

    Hope you are doing great my beautiful fashionista :-)