Yard Sales and Magical Powers

Jacket: F21, Skirt: Express, Shirt: Target, Necklace: Lotus, Booties: ShoeDazzle

Hola, Mamacitas. I hope you all had a great weekend.

I did. The weather was beautiful in North Carolina (70+ degrees). We hung out on patios with friends, grilled out, enjoyed mimosas during the day, and took our dogs for long walks. It did NOT suck. And... in true NC fashion, it is supposed to snow again this weekend. Awesome. Just awesome.

Anyhow... this is what I wore to work last week, and then on a little after work, mid-week date night with the Manfriend. It is work appropriate, but not so "corporate" that I felt the need to change to go out after my 9-5. The booties and (p)leather bomber jacket toughen it up just enough to not feel stuffy.

Isn't it funny how certain articles of clothing remind you of things? I was wearing this skirt last December when on my way out of the house I busted my ever loving ass. There are 3 small stairs that take me down to my garage, and we had just moved into the new house literally 72 hours before (so I was not used to the stairs).  I had a travel mug of coffee in my hand, my keys, purse, laptop bag, and I was in 4 inch heels (naturally).  SO... I fell. In a big way. Like.... CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHATTHE@*!%$*&@%$!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I got up it looked like a damn yard sale. There was shit all over. The contents of my purse... my coffee... the mug it was once in... keys... computer... the lunch I packed. EVERY.THING. But... I couldn't concentrate on any of that because I had the wind knocked right out of me and my ankle was in an extremely unnatural position. My stomach hurt from the pain and my eyes filled with tears. IT was BAD. I got up, cleaned up the mess, put flats on, and limped into work. My ankle got HUGE.  It was really painful for a few months. And now, over a year later, I  have a legit  "bad" right ankle. It just never healed fully, I guess. Anyway, that is what I think of when I see this skirt and it has scarred me.

At one point during our date night last week, we were walking down  A LOT of stairs and I had this irrational wave of fear come over me. I pictured myself busting my ass again... as if the skirt now had magical face planting powers. THIS time would have been worse though. A year ago, my dogs were the only witnesses. Last week it would have been at a packed out professional basketball arena with thousands of people. I mean... what the hell would you do in that situation?!?!?! Go to your seat? Go home? End up on ESPN for being a moron? Move out of the city? Move. I would move. Pack my yard sale up and get the F out.

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