Snow Days and Sugar Bugs

Trench: Marshalls, Shirt and Skirt: Target, Shoes and Purse: Aldo, Multi-Colored Necklace: a gift from a LOTUS buying trip (thanks, Krista), Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelet: CeleneStones (celenestones@gmail.com for inquires... 15% off if you mention you saw them here)

Since these pictures were taken Charlotte has experienced a real deal, legit snow storm. A slip on the ice, fall and bust yo' face (and ass) kind of storm. I have not gotten in my car to leave the house in 2 full days. Nothing is open and the roads leaving my neighborhood are terrible. I thought being cooped up for days on end would be miserable, but it has been kind of awesome actually.

Yesterday my brother and sissy-in-law braved the elements and came over (we only live 10 minutes from one another). We cooked all sorts of food, had a few beverages, and hung out in our sweats. It was great. Something about the whole city being closed down gives you permission to slllllllooooow all the way down. When you are confined to your house brushing your teeth may still be mandatory (as long as it's done by 3pm, you're straight) but showers are completely optional. Sweat shirts and stretch pants are highly encouraged, and makeup is completely unnecessary. Movies, Pinterest, and marathons of House Hunters are considered productive activities. As is eating. Eating food with no concept of "meal time" is the norm and cracking open a drink at 5pm on the dot (if like me, you are still working during the snow storm) is a must. I mean, if you don't have a bit of a wine buzz by 6pm, you've kind of wasted the day. Agreed? Agh... snow days.  Beautiful, beautiful snow days.

AnyWHO... I wore this outfit last week... before the snow. I wore it into the office and to assist the ol' Manfriend at a free dental clinic he held at a rural elementary school. What's cuter than that??? Nothing. That is why I included a few pictures. He saw about 6-7 classes of 2nd and 3rd graders and checked them for cavities (or "sugar bugs" as kids call them down south... learn something new everyday). The kids looked at him like he was a mythical creature. He was this big, tall, muscular, black dude in a 99% white school in the STICKS... it was REAL country out there. Real... Country!!! The kids were cranking their necks up to look at him and just staring like he was a rock star. As we walked the halls we heard 5-10 kids whisper to their friends... "Hey... I know HIM!!!!"... "That's my dentist!"... "Wow... my teeth guy is in MY school!" "Hey... are you THE dentist????!!" < MIND* BLOWN> And... all the teachers looked at him like he was a gravy-smothered pork chop. I had to keep my cool, but inside I was all like... "Biiiiitch... you betta step back! HA. Just kidding. Kind of.

It was adorable to see him in his element like that. He asked every class if they had been brushing every morning before school and every night before bed. Most of them exclaimed... Yeeeeees!!... but some of them looked down at their feet like, "OH SHIT"!?!?! It's all over. This guy is gonna KILL me.

Last little dude on the far left was pouting. He did NOT like the way the rubber gloves tasted in his mouth. He was not pleased. Oh, and the little cutie-patootie in the boots in the gray long-sleeved T in the front row... she came up to me all shy and as I bent down to talk to her she grabbed my necklaces and said in her cute little country accent... "Miss... I HAVE to HAVE those. OMG... I love them! I just love them!!"

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