A Happy Dance and an Apology

Skirt: TJ Maxx, Shirt: Old Navy, Shoes: ShoeDazzle, Bag: Aldo, Bracelets: Celene Stones and Alex & Ani, Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Custom made Celene Stones 
(E-mail CeleneStones@gmail.com and ask Krista to create a necklace or bangle for you. Tell her you saw it on ModaFresca and receive 15% off. Feel free to follow "CeleneStones" on Instargam too.)

YO! YO! YO!!! Couple things..

One: I've come to realize that this is my very standard work outfit. Pencil skirt. Tucked in blouse. Heels. The End. Boooooring. It was 77 degrees in Charlotte yesterday so I ditched the black tights, but they are a staple as well. I was trying to seduce Spring weather into staying by wearing pink. You know... like, "If you build it they will come." This is my attempt at "If you wear it, it will stay." I'm pretty positive Mother Nature does not give a damn what I cover my ass with, but whatever... it was worth a shot. Law of Attraction and all...

Two:  The one thing I DID do to spice this rather predictable Corporate America outfit up???? THIS NECK PIECE. Check this shit out. Whoop Whooooooop!!!! I am doing a happy dance on my couch while I write this. My whole body is moving, hands still firmly planted on keyboard,  and I have this smug "shit-eating grin" on my face whilst I wither around looking ridiculous. This necklace makes me SO stupid happy. I mean, just look at it. It is perfect. It's a custom piece by (and a gift from) Krista (founder and creator of) Celene Stones and I effing LOVE it.

Three: I haven't really bought much of anything lately... you know... trying out that whole "live more simply" thing, but what I did break down and buy were 3 new Alex & Ani bracelets. My sister-in-law and brother got me one for Christmas, the little Buddha (I have named "Ralph"... Ralph the Buddha) and ever since I have been obsessed. I want an arm full of these bad boys. My newest additions are the "Stand Up" to Cancer one, a Lotus Flower, and an Om symbol. I love them all.

Four: Since I KNOW I'm going to be asked... details on how to get a necklace like this are in the caption of the last photo.

Five: I used the phrase "shit-eating grin" earlier. I'm sorry for doing that. I mean, what the hell? That is gross. Who ever thought of that... then said it out loud... and what other weirdos decided to repeat it until it caught on and became a "thing"?? Disgusting. Forgive me.

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