Cellulite Pants and an Inappropriate Selfie

Are you wondering what the hell I am wearing? It's a hybrid of sorts. It's my Pilates workout gear, but with a vest and boots to make it a little more "outfit-like". A little more, "street"... if you will.

I did and taught Pilates all weekend and I did not take yoga pants off once. Well, to shower, but that's it. I wore them to work out. I wore them to the store. I wore them to breakfast. Lunch. Out to dinner. You get the gist.  I did not realize (until I took these photos), however,  how absolutely unflattering these things are. It should be illegal for me to wear any skin tight pants that are not VERY, VERY black. These gray ones show evvvvverything. Shit. Bad move. Holy Cheesecake Factory, Batman.

I found this sweet bag this weekend. A big "carry all" that also allows me to tote my yoga/Pilates mat around. You know, juuuust in case you need to bust out a spontaneous downward dog, or double-legged teaser. I took this bag back the same day though because part of it was unraveling. I got another one. Not quilted, and in black. You know, to match the only color or pants I will ever wear again in public.

Weekend recap... it was 70 degrees in Charlotte all weekend and I enjoyed EVERY minute of it. Windows down, music up, and cocktails during the day. Who could ask for anything more?

Row 1: Friday hanging with my BFF, Carrie... a mimosa lunch, laughing hysterically and causing a scene at a gas station coffee station, annnnnd finding the perfect Easter dress for her beautiful little peanut.
Row 2: Day drinking on Saturday with my little brother. I walked into the bathroom of a bar and found a Grateful Dead mural painted on the wall (then I got busted taking a picture of it by a random woman who walked in). What??
Row 3: Breakfast and a walk with my friend, Nat. A selfie I sent to 2 of my brothers proving to them that I own and was wearing camouflage. #Hellhasofficiallyfrozenover. Looking at this selfie now, it's weird that I sent it to my brothers... because it is basically a picture of my boobs, but I wasn't thinking about that that at the time. Sunday evening study session, waiting on my Manfriend for dinner. A great, great weekend.

Except for my cellulite pants. Those bitches need to be burned. I should soak them in some of this alcohol and set a match to them.


  1. I love that camo top, where did you get that one from Melissa? :-)

    1. Hey Ani- I got it from TJ Maxx. One close to my house. If I see another one, I promise to get it in a small and ship it to you!