Exhaustion and a Sincere "Thank You"...

Jacket: Lotus, Jeans: Old Navy, Shirt: Target, Shoes: Marshalls, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Alex & Ani
 YO YO YO!!!!! What's Up, Mamacitas!?!?!?

(That sentence read like I have a TON of energy and am in a really good mood, didn't it? Wrong.)

I have barely been able to keep my eyes open all day. (I had almost 20 hours of Pilates teacher training this weekend). As a matter of fact, when I woke up this morning, I was so tired that I didn't even TRUST myself. I was planning on working from home, but as soon as I made my bed I face planted right back onto the top of it and set my alarm for 6 minutes in the future. 6 worthless minutes.

I was SO tired, that I knew if I was left alone I was going to reschedule all of my meetings and hibernate until the next day. Since I don't have the kind of job where checking out is really an option; I put my big girl draws on and drove into the office. Every one of my co-workers knew something was fishy when I strolled in wearing jeans. They were all like.... "whaaaaat's wrong with yoooooou?????". 

I just didn't have it in me today. On a scale of 1-10, my "Give-A-Shit-O-Meter" was hovering right around a zero. I'm sure it goes w/o saying that since I was exhausted, I sure as hell didn't wash my hair while I was in the shower. Not a big deal, right? I rarely wash my hair. Except today (when I wanted to die already) I get out to find that I am out of dry shampoo. CODE RED. I'm on like day 5 w/o washing. The grease is real, folks... and it is no joke. So... I opted for the next best thing. I threw some baby powder in there. And by "some"... I mean, like a shit-ton. I smelled like a baby's ass all day. If you were to pat my head white dust would come flying up into a fat cumulus cloud above my head. Pig-Pen (from Charlie Brown) has nothing on this filth.

Oh and before I go... I wanted to thank everyone who reached out to me about helping Paula (my friend from the gas station). I wrote about her story a couple of weeks ago and people came out of the woodwork to help.

We hooked Paula and her 2 boys up with:
  •  3 New Sheet Sets
  •  New Bath Towels
  •  Brand New Pillows
  •  Bath Mats
  •  1 Down Comforter
  •  1 King Comforter Set
  •  Picture Frames
  •  Shelves for her Living Room
  •  Air Fresheners and Candles
  •  A Throw Blanket
  •  Hairdryers
  •  Target Gift Cards
  •  Bed, Bath, and Beyond Gift Card
  •  Cleaning Supplies and Household Items
  •  Laundry Detergent
And... I still have people reaching out to get furniture and gift cards to her. Paula was overwhelmed by everyone's kindness and generosity. She kept saying over and over..."Oh my gosh, I needed this. My goodness... your friends are SO kind. Thank you, God! Please thank everyone for me, Melissa. I just can't believe that people I don't even know care. Oh my goodness, this is amazing."

She suggested we take a picture to let everyone know that she is real and that I am not hoarding all of your donations.

So... from the bottom of her heart (and mine) THANK YOU SO MUCH. You made a world of difference to her and her sons. The day after I dropped off our first donation... she had her makeup back on. When I told her she looked nice, she said... "Thank you, I feel good today, so I wanted to look good." 

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  1. I have a skirt that matches that shirt...just saying.