Sweat, Perfume, and Strippers...

Shirt: Eileen's (a boutique, not an "adult entertainment superstore", Skirt: Marshalls, Shoes: Off Broadway, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Alex &Ani

There is a strip club in Charlotte called "Leather and Lace".

It's not what you would call an upscale establishment. Not by a long shot. I couldn't help think of that place as I wore this outfit today. In part because the shirt is lace and the skirt has leather on it, yes, but mostly because for some odd reason this shirt made me sweat, and when I took these pictures I realized that I have a hole in the armpit of the shirt (4th pic down for proof).

 So... I'm wearing a tight skirt... sky-high heels... a see-through shirt... I have holes in my clothes, and I smell faintly like sweat, perfume, and bad decisions. I'm basically a stripper right now. A stripper at a low rent club. And if that were true, I'd be the one working the day shift. Sub-par talent working the lunch buffet... dancin' for dollars to Guns N' Roses for an audience of four.  Four unemployed perverts who are eating a buffet lunch at a strip club on a Tuesday at 11:30AM. Chicken fried steak with a side of baby powder and glitter.

Awesome. Keepin' it classy.

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