"Pilate-da-tee... We Likes to Pardee"

Photo Cred: My BFF (and cheerleader), Carrie Foust

YO YO YO!!!! Hope you're all having a great day!!!

This week marks my one year anniversary with my Pilates practice. So, I thought I'd recognize it by doing a blog post. Let me start by saying that this will (hopefully) be the only post I ever do in head-to-toe lycra.

Not a good look. I'm aware.

As most of you know, I started taking Pilates mat classes in May of 2013 and currently I am going through an intense teacher certification/apprenticeship/student teaching program.

I had no idea when I walked into that first Pilates class that it would change my life (cheesy to say... but true); especially since I fumbled through that first hour like a handicapped baboon. I had zip, zilch, zero real core strength and boy, did it show. The poses you see me in, in these pictures... I couldn't do half of them a year ago. I don't mean throwing myself up into the poses for a second or two (I maaaay have been able to do that thanks to my yoga practice), but REALLY doing them. As in... using my muscles and my mind (together) to truly bring me into a pose, hold it, or do reps from there.

Pilates has made me stronger both physically and mentally. It has given me confidence. It has scared the ever-loving crap out of me. It has pushed me. Infuriated me. Challenged me. It has been the bane of my existence some days (like anything worth doing is), but overall it has loved me back. Almost right away I knew that I was going to love being a Pilates student (thanks to my beautiful teacher, Gayle). What I didn't anticipate however, was how much I was going to love being a Pilates teacher.

THAT, my friends, has been the true blessing. I'm juuust getting started, but I never feel better than when I am teaching Pilates. When I'm laughing with my students, and seeing them gain strength... witnessing when (for the first time) they do the one thing they thought they never could. When I have people driving almost an hour (2-3 times a week) to come practice with me.  I heard two of my students talking a few weeks ago about how their hour on the mat in Pilates is like therapy and that the bonus room in my house (that we have made into a make-shift studio) is their sanctuary. Their time away from the world... to push, to laugh, to clear their minds, and to give something back to themselves. That was the biggest compliment I could have received. I'm just getting started, and a true Pilates practice is a life-long learning process, but hearing that reaffirmed that (at 34) I am finally... right where I need to be.

Right now I am teaching Pilates in my home. HOWEVER... in two weeks I will be moving some classes to a legit gym. It's a personal training facility called Faith Fitness Studios and it's right off of Exit 88 (on 77) in Fort Mill. The owner, Emmett Ballard, is an AMAAAAAZING personal trainer and all around good guy. We are working out a weekly schedule now for Pilates classes so stay tuned! Both men and women at all levels are welcome!

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  1. How much for your classes in fort Mill?

    1. Hey Lana- They will be $5.00 there too. That's all I'll charge while I am student teaching, then my current students will be grandfathered into that price once I get my certification. XO

  2. Let me know when you start because I really want to come! I hate Pilates! Only because my back is whacked, and so it's hard for me to do a lot of the moves, but I know I need it. I love to workout, and I love to mix it up, so I am all about taking your Pilates class, especially at Fort Mill! So, for those who are members of the FFS, they still need to bring the extra $5 for each class, right?