Shoes: Bebe, Earrings: Lotus, Jumpsuit: ASOS, White Ring and Bag: Aldo, Fancy Ring: LeVian (Jared Jewelers)
Dressing like a sexed up version of the American flag was not my intent this Memorial Day weekend, but as I looked at these pictures while preparing this blog post, I realize that that's exactly what happened. All red, white, and blue with cleavage and heavy lipstick.

I wore this to a backyard cookout and pool party this weekend.

Syke... I'm playin'. (I bet you were just like... "Come on?? This bitch is ridiculous!"). I wore it out and about. Not because we were going anywhere particularly special, but because I spend 85% of my time in yoga/Pilates gear with minimal makeup and filthy hair. My hair is still filthy, but I decided to get a little dressed up just for the hell of it. To get some use out of the clothes in my closet that aren't 85% lycra and faded from being washed twice a week.

These earrings. I love them. Granted, I need a small child with a wheelbarrow following me around in order to carry them, but that's a small price to pay for awesomeness. These are my favorite pair ever. I feel all Frida Kahlo in them. I pretend I am a naturally beautiful, tortured, uni-browed,  insanely talented, bi-sexual, Mexican painter with flowers in her hair when I wear them. Maybe that's a stretch.. but I do feel a bit "sassier" when I'm sporting them.

I had two photo shoots this weekend. If you want to check them out, they are on the My Photography page. In fact, I wore this outfit to one of them. The one that did NOT require hiking in the woods.

A little Memorial Day collage since I didn't post yesterday. #thankful

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