Sweating Up the Sheets

Shirt: Khols, Shorts: Old Navy, Shoes: Dolce Vida, Necklace: Vestique, Bracelets: Alex &Ani, Bag: Aldo Accessories
Here are a few pictures of an outfit I wore over the weekend to go to the movies. I love my little camoflauge, cargo shorts. I wear them quite often. I have to be careful though,  because the manfriend also has camo, cargo shorts. I am happy to report that they are not nearly this short or bootylicious, but they are very similar nonetheless. So... every time I put them on, I make sure to double check before we leave the house that we are not both wearing them. I put people who wear matching outfits in the same box as people who sit on the same side of the booth together in restaurants. I don't trust them. Not one bit. It's just weird.

On another note... I've always been terrified to wear booties with bare legs. I feel like they cut you right off and make your legs look short and stumpy. Unless of course you have long, lean, supermodel legs that go on for days and days (in which case, we are NOT friends). The problem? I LOVE the idea of pairing booties with shorts and skirts. The solution? Wear booties the color of your skin tone. If you have dark skin... get dark brown booties, medium skin... tan colored booties, see through, purplish-white havenotseenthesuninthreeyears skin... well, then you need to get your ass to the store and get some self tanner because they don't make booties that color (and if they do, they are probably hideous).

Allow me to let you in on a little secret... the best self tanner I have ever used. (And I have used many.) It's by St. Tropez (pronounced Saint Trope-A). It's a foam. Don't be scared of a foam. It will not be streaky as long as you applying it with their foam mitt. You have to buy it separately, but TRUST. It's worth it. This stuff works like a dream. Shower, exfoliate, dry off REALLY well, apply with mit. Let dry completely. Wear only SUPER loose, dark clothing. Go to sleep if you can and the next day, shower. Don't be nervous when you wake up looking SUPER bronze. That crazy color will wash off and you will be left with PERFECT color. I love this stuff. I use it on my face sometimes too, but I do NOT have sensitive skin. If you do, you may want to buy their self-tanner made specifically for the face. HERE, HERE, and HERE. Don't say I never did nuthin' for ya! Oh, and I know... it's not cheap. BUT, it is the cost of 1 good spray tan. Only, instead of 5-7 days, this can could last you 1/2 (if not all) of the summer. Also, it will smell the night you apply it, so I wouldn't plan on being around people. I also wouldn't recommend perspiring, so no working out, or sweating up the sheets (IF you know what I mean... ).

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