Good Music and Gas Station Food

Dress: Lotus (coupon below), Shoes: ShoeDazzle, Purse: I don't remember, Bracelets: Celene Stones (coupon below), Watch: Michael Kors, Earrings: Target

Hola, Chicas!

This is what I wore to work today.

Syke. Can you imagine. "Uh... Melissa, Human Resources is on line one. They called to tell your skank-ass to go home and never come back. You're fired." HA! No, I did not wear this to work, but I did sport it  last Thursday night when the manfriend and I went out to a concert. We went to see The Foreign Exchange. (If you have never heard of them, I highly suggest you check them out. Well... if you're into their style of music that is, which is similar to The Roots, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Erykah Badu, etc. ) It was one of the best shows we have ever been to.

The whole night was wonderful in fact.

It started out as a bit of a shit show though. We were running REALLY late... so we swapped out our originally-planned nice sit-down dinner for some food we picked up from a gas station on the way. He got a pre-packaged roast beef sandwich that he tried to balance while driving and I got a banana, two cheese sticks, and a cup of coffee. If I were MacGyver I could have created a bomb with that same list. (That reference will probably only make sense if you are over the age of 30.) Then, once we got there, it was standing room only. There were no seats to be found. I looked down at my shoes and immediately regretted not throwing flip flops into my purse. Rookie move. I was thinking to myself... "Shit... I'm going to be starving... my feet are going to be killing me... it's already 200% humidity in this place and guess who forgot a damn hair tie?? Shit.Damn.Balls." I know... first world problems, right?

Anyway... I was wrong. The whole night turned out to be ah-ma-zing.

The random gas station food miraculously held me over... these shoes did NOT (by the grace of God) hurt my feet even after standing in them for 4 hours, and we found a spot standing directly below the worlds largest ceiling fan. It looked like an airplane propeller. That thing created legitimate wind. At one point wind got under my dress and it was blowing my hair all over the place. I felt very Marilyn Monroe. I'm sure that in reality I looked more like a sweaty-faced, frizzy haired crack ho, but in my mind... I was Marilyn Monroe with a coy smile trying to keep my dress from blowing over my head.

Anyway... that's the story of my night in this fun little number.

I got the dress from Lotus. If you didn't see my last post then you may not know that Lotus is giving 15% off any online purchase to ModaFresca readers. Just go to lotuslook.com, shop, and use coupon code MODA at checkout for 15% off. Also, if you were admiring these bracelets, my friend, Krista makes them. Be sure to follow her on Instagram (CeleneStones) and if you'd like to order your own custom bracelet, just e-mail her at CeleneStones@gmail.com. Tell her you found her on ModaFresca and she'll give you 15% off your order too. BOOM!

Happy shopping, Mamacitas!

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