Pom Poms and a PSA

Shorts: Lotus (shop online at Lotus and use the code MODA at checkout for 15% off your entire purchase), Shirt: Vestique, Shoes: Nordstrom, Bracelets: Alex & Ani and Celene Stones (celenestones@gmail.com to work with Krista to custom make your own - tell her you saw her stuff here and get 15% off)

1. Fiiiirst of all... thank you for all the sweet notes/comments/texts/calls and encouraging words from Monday's blog post. It's not often I get into a funk like that, but I know I am not the only one, so I figured I'd share what I was really feeling instead of the usual pointless jargon about how long it's been since I washed my hair (or something equally as ridiculous). I was sad, man. Like... cry in your car by yourself, cry at your desk at work, listen to the same song (Oceans) on repeat for 3 days, give up trying to wear eye makeup, can't sleep at night, can't make small talk, give yourself a stomach ache sad. Really effin' sad. Not that I have completely bounced back (if I am still for 5 minutes... boom... water works), but I am doing much better. I got up today, put on some red lipstick and got  my shit together.

2. Fact... these shorts (that I wore a few days ago) are lined with small, powder blue pom-poms. Also fact... I am 34 years old. If you were thinking to yourself... "Hmmm... isn't she 25 years older than is socially acceptable for pom-pom lined shorts??" You may be right.
I may not give a rat's ass though. I love them. Even if they are so short that they show a little saddle bag action. You know... the area of your top thigh, right before your butt that is extra meaty... yup... you know the ones. And if you don't... screw you. I am not in the mood for skinny bitches who have never heard the term saddle bag. NOT friends.

3. There is a weird scar/dark spot on the inner thigh of my right leg. You can see it in some of these pictures. You know what that is? Me being a total lazy ass. A month or so ago I was at Lotus trying clothes on. I had gone there from work. So... I was wearing 4 inch heels that I did not feel like removing (they were strappy with buckles... ugh). It just seemed like a lot of work. SO... I got undressed, kept the shoes on and proceeded to try on clothing. As I was balancing on my right leg and trying to get my left (heeled) foot into a small skirt opening, I skidded right down the inside of my thigh with that stiletto heel. There was a huge gash... it started to bleed (no clothes were harmed in the accident though) and when I got a good look at it I realized it was NOT a small scratch. Now I have a scar. A permanent reminder not to be a lazy shithead I guess. Consider this a Public Service Announcement: When trying on clothes... take your damn shoes off.

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