Barbie Style

Shirt and Long Necklace: Vestique, Skirt: Lotus, Shoes: ShoeDazzle

Oh Hey Skirt. Come here often?

If this skirt were a person, I swear to GAWD I would make out with it. This thing. Come on. It's awesome. Not a mini. Not a maxi. A midi... and it's pretty perfect if you ask me.

If it were short it would be a bit much... you know, being that it is Barbie Pink, has a ruffle, AND a slit.... and if it were maxi length it would just look weird (like your 8th grade math teacher, or an aging mortgage banker may wear it with a matching blazer or something). But, as a midi. Friggin' perfection. It can be dressed up with a classic, basic white shirt and nude heels (like this), or made edgy with a black crop top and strappy hooker heels. I will be wearing it a lot. A LOT.

I got it from Lotus just last week. A picture was put up on Instagram and BOOM... the damn thing was sold out in minutes. Lucky for ya'll we got more in. There are 5 left. It's not on the website (because it's going to be sold out in a hot second, but you can message Lotus through FB, or call them tomorrow - 704) 335-8884-  if you want one.)  This is a large. I have a bit of room in it, but not much (just for reference if you're looking to get one) and I am 5'7.  The length is a perfect midi on me. If you are shorter than that, you may need to get it taken up an inch or so. Don't ruin it though and make it a mini. Dear Gawd, please don't do that. I will cut you. And as for cost, it will set you back just under a Benjamin.

That's about 100 bucks, in case you weren't picking up what I was putting down there.

I don't normally do an entire blog post about a skirt, but everywhere I went today women asked me about it. So... there you have it. All the info you could ever want or need (cost, fit, how and where to get it). BAM. Don't say I never did nothing for ya.

Oh, and how awesome is this beaded turquoise necklace? My friend, Arlene, went home to visit her family in Mexico last month and brought it back for me.  I love it. So Arlene, if you're reading this... thank you thank you thank you. XOXO

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