JT and The Jolly Green Giant

Dress: Bebe

This is what I wore on Saturday night when my girls and I went to the Justin Timberlake Concert.

My BFF Carrie and I scored tickets at the very last minute (sitting right next to our friend's Liza and Tish) and man... am I glad we did! What a friggin show?!?!? Holy cow. It's just not fair that one human being has that much talent. He sings, dances, acts, writes, plays the guitar, and piano... oh and if that weren't enough, he's funny and he's not hard on the eyes either. Shit.

I started to wonder though... is he really THAT much more talented than the rest of us, or has he just worked insanely hard for a really long time to become good at all of that? Some of it is natural of course, like his voice, and well... bone structure, but the rest of it is cultivated.

Every time I see an amazing concert, dance performance, or art of any kind really I get insanely inspired. The day after the show I cleaned the entire house, did laundry, made a legit dinner from scratch, did school work, edited photos, and put together new Pilates workouts for this week. BOOM.  I mean, if JT can sing and dance for 3 hours non-stop, I can at least sort laundry and change the sheets, right?

A night out on the town with my girls never fails to deliver some classic stories.

This particular night included Carrie and I busting out of ridiculously long the line for the Women's bathroom and breaking into the Men's room to use the toilet. We got a lot of strange looks when we sprinted in there...  especially when I hit the door open of an occupied stall (obviously occupied by an unsuspecting dude) and then we shoved ourselves into one stall and proceeded to laugh hysterically the entire time. It's amazing we didn't pee our pants, really. But... we didn't miss even a minute of the show. I can't say the same for the other 75 women stuck the "gender appropriate" line.

We all went out dancing afterwards where we experienced a drunk guy unzipping his pants as he attempted to beckon the 4 of us up to the VIP area he was standing in. Dude... come the eff on. Do you really think that would work? You're leading with your weiner???? Nice wedding band, buddy. Get out of here, creep.

Oh, and I almost got in a fight. There was a WASTED chick standing on a speaker dancing like she just got shocked with a taser (if tasers were to make you twerk like you have no self esteem). She spilled her entire drink down the back of my friends, and since I was STONE sober (not one drink) I walked up to her to let her know that she had spilled her drink and calmly suggest she be more careful. THIS chick looked at me like I had 4 heads and then says... "Ugh.... no biiiiitch... I did NOT do that, because I don't even HAVE a drink". As she proceeds to try to put her glass behind her back (like I can't see that shit). I said... "Excuse me?????????????????????? What the... ???? " Apparently her friend saw the look on my face because she stepped in to apologize on her behalf, but I swear I was 3 seconds from losing my cool. You see this dress. It's stretchy. I could move like a ninja in it. Plus, I was twice her size. I looked like the Jolly Green Giant next to this trick. I could have taken her and not even broken a sweat. Please. Go home, Sloppy B.

Oh, and there was a guy on the dance floor who smelled. And I don't mean, it's hot and you're sweating.. smelled, I mean... you have to work HARD to get to the point where you smell that bad. Like... not shower for a week in 99 degree weather. Straight up stench. It was disgusting. I cannot even explain it. I thought my friend Meredith was actually going to get sick. It was SO gross. BARF. You couldn't wipe the smile off of his face though... it was as if he had zero idea. How though??? How does one not know when they smell that terrible?

I had a blast at the concert. A blast with my girls. SO much fun out, and I am SO glad I went, but I was reminded in an instant that all of the nights I spend on my couch watching HGTV... yeah... I am not missing anything at all. It's a shit show out there.

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