Something Good and a Unique Choice

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I was on a conference call for school last night (I am enrolled in nutrition school), and I was asked... "So, Melissa... what's new and good"? I paused a minute immediately thinking about what was new... all I could think of was my friend and my grandma passing in w/in days of one another. I feel like I have been walking around with a cloak of sadness draped over me these last couple of weeks. I stated that although a lot was "new"... like losing people close to me and dealing with grief as a part of every day life lately... something "good" I had noticed was the amazing, humbling outpouring of love that I have experienced through it all.

I have received dozens and dozens of text messages, Facebook comments, private messages, e-mails, and calls of love and support. From people I would expect, like my close friends and family members, to people I have not heard from in years, people I have only ever worked with, social acquaintances, and people I don't even know (but who read this blog). People from all over took time out of their days to simply "like" a picture of my Grandma, or to send me a few words of encouragement. It was really heart warming and I am so appreciative of every one. It hit me that although I initially was burdened by trying to think of something "good", there it was right in front of my face. I have an awesome family, a loving manfriend, and I am blessed beyond measure to know a shit ton of caring people. So... thank you... for giving me something so obviously "good' to be thankful for.

Okay. Enough sad stuff. BLAH.

This skirt.

I can't.

I love it.

I meaaaaaan, really, really (have to make a conscious effort NOT to wear it every single day of my life) love it. The watercolor painting-like print, the length, the fit, the LACE bottom. Dear LAWD. OHHHHBSESSED.

This article of clothing also made me realize that there are two types of people in the world.

The first group of people love this skirt. The second, hate it... don't get it, would not be caught dead in it.

I realized this while wearing it yesterday as I walked through the mall. I got a lot of looks (or the skirt did anyway). Most of them were followed by... "AGH... LOVE... that skirt... You look great, girl... WHERE did you get it???? (said by young women 20-40 and a couple of gay guys). But... I also got this... "Hmm... that is an interesting choice? and "Well... isn't that a unique skirt (said with a look on their face like I was simultaneously feeding them steaming heaps of dog turd). Those were comments made by two different women in their late 50's -60's. It got me thinking that:

1. It's nice to wear something special once in a while, even when it's not necessarily a "safe" choice. Screw safe.

2. Some people are jerks. I would NEVER go up to a complete stranger and tell them that their outfit was an "interesting choice".

Although the irony of the fact that that comment came from the mouth of a woman who decided on a (teal, sequins, zip-up) mock turtle neck bomber jacket that morning was quite hilarious. Ah well... thank God we all have different tastes. What a boring world it would be if we all dressed in fabulous fitted pencil skirts with beautiful prints and lace detailing??? Right? Hahahaha... that lady can kiss my watercolor ass. BOOM!

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