Grey Goose and Bad Decisions

Dress: Calvin Klein (TJ Maxx), Shoes: Lotus (15% off online- coupon code: MODA), Belt: Target, Bag: Aldo, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelet: a little jewelry store in Savannah, GA a few years ago

I love this dress.

I scored it at TJ Maxx almost 5 years ago for... wait for it......... 32 US dollars. YUP. It was originally like one million trillion dollars. (I am pretty sure that was the price anyway.) They had just one there... and it was in one of my favorite colors...  and it was in my size... AND the price had been reduced like 5 times. It was meant to be. Clearly.

I love scoring shit on sale. Makes me happy. And this particular deal still makes me happy; 5 years later. I remember walking out of the store with this feeling like I stole something. I had this big, shit-eating grin on my face, walking tall, shoulders back, like... WHAT WHAT?!

When I put this dress on last week it felt brand new all over again because I had only ever worn it two times before; both times in 2010.  I grew out of it almost as soon as I bought it. You like how I put that? "I grew out of it." Like I am a pre-pubescent teenager who hit a growth spurt, and not a grown ass woman who gained a bunch of weight. Hahaha... same diff'. (Whatever...  shit happens.)

As I write this I am sitting at my dining room table with a blanket over my lap, all showered up, face exfoliated and moisturized, chilling in my robe. I am enjoying my second glass of wine, digesting a beautiful meal (click here to check it out) I made just for myself. For no particular reason. Did I mention that it is a Saturday night at 9:30? We were supposed to go out tonight to celebrate our friend's birthday, but the manfriend's fantasy football draft went a lot later than he originally thought, so when he said he was going to be stuck in I decided to stay in too. I saw it as divine intervention, really. I was SO happy to not have to go anywhere. I have not been home before 10pm any night this week. I've worked all day, taught Pilates and/or PiYo all night. Every muscle in my body is a little sore. My ass is beat to shit. We have MAD love for our friend who is having a birthday, but the LAST thing in the world that I wanted to do tonight was to shower... shave... blow dry and straighten my hair... apply makeup... put on a  dress and heels, and drive uptown to go out to a club. A club??? I'd rather GET clubbed... in the face... with a baseball bat. A bat that has metal spikes on it. The thought of having to go out tonight almost made me cry angry tears this afternoon. I mean... I fully planned on soldiering up for my girl, but I am sooooooo.... tiiiiiiired... waaaaaaaahhhhh.

Man how times have changed. A few short years ago the thought of staying in (and "wasting") a Saturday night would have been maddening. I would have felt like I was missing something. Like my beloved weekend had been cut short. Now... sweet LAWD... give me my robe or give me death.

I love staying in. Getting all clean and cozy, watching a movie or a little HGTV. I love eating good food, drinking some cheap wine, and falling to sleep whenever my body wants me to. I love waking up the next day... feeling good... going to church, and having all of Sunday to do what I need/want to do (versus being a smelly, sleep-deprived, hungover waste of space who needs to eat a pound of grease and a Bloody Mary just to even out).

Don't get me wrong... I still enjoy a night out on the town now and then (and I still love Bloody Marys), but I just can't hang like I used to. My hangovers lasts a good 2-3 days now, and I don't have time for that shit. The only thing that does make me sad though... sometimes... is thinking of all of the (borderline) skanky dresses I have hanging in my upstairs closet. It's like a graveyard. Where club clothes go to die.

The epitaph would read: "Here lies another bandage dress. Hers was a short life; riddled with Grey Goose and bad decisions."

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