Storm Season and Small Shirts

Pants: Lotus (15% off online with code MODA), Purse: Target, Shirt: Vestique, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelet: Celene Stones (email Krista at CeleneStones@gmail.com to create your own jewels - mention ModaFresca and get 15% off).

So... I wore my first crop top in public (or private for that matter) this past weekend. Nervous? Yes. Afraid of someone thinking/saying something rude about the fact that I am not 20 years old, or 115lbs? At first. But... I wore it anyway. FUK it. Haters gonna hate. Wearing one was on my (fashion) bucket list. Superficial? So what. You only live once, do what you want. I just acted like I could pull it off until I wasn't thinking about it anymore. Not a big deal for some women out there, but the rest of you get why I was a bit terrified. Wanna feel pee-your-pants vulnerable?? Just bring up the subject of stomach skin. That shit is scaaaaary.

Okay, enough about shirts that look like they spent too much time in the dryer...

I try to be somewhat positive on the blog, because the world is tough enough, right? And you don't come to this page in the hopes that what you read here is going to make you feel like shit.  But, bear with me for a sec.  I feel like there is a lot of really big, scary stuff going on lately in the lives of the people that I love very much. Life changing things. Depression, disease, fear of the unknown, tragedy, accidents, crushing sadness, hopelessness, emotional wounds that won't heal, etc. That's not to say that good things aren't happening too, but I feel like it is storm season for a lot of people in my life.

Do you know what I mean by that? If you look back on your life I am sure you can think of times where you were going through some pretty major storms. I have a few big ones that stand out to me in my life. Scary shit. Shit that forever changes you. The kind of things that define you. Like... there is the person you were before that specific event/news/change and the person you were after. Never quite the same.

It's VERY hard going through that stuff, because when you are in the middle of it, it's almost impossible to see beyond it. Past it. Around it. It feels like the rest of the world should stop spinning because your world is falling apart. But, it doesn't and that brings up a whole new, additional set of stressors.

When I don't know what to say. When I don't have the words for the people I love, I turn to quotes. I get a lot of encouragement through the written word. I just figure that at some point in history, someone out there said some pretty epic shit and it got written down along the way.

I was gathering some quotes together to send to someone I love, and I thought that maybe one or two of you out there could use them too. So, if you're down, sad, discouraged, feeling hopeless, or just need to be reminded that "this too shall pass"... here you are. I hope that one of these "speaks" to you.

(For you... my sweet Mama, and also for you... my dearest friend, my soul's mate. You know who you are.)

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