Fake Lashes: A Story of Love and Hate

Shirt: Lotus (a long time ago, but they have similar ones there now- buy anything online and get 15% off with coupon code MODA), Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Aldo, Bag: H&M, Bracelet: Celene Stones (CeleneStones@gmail.com - mention this blog for 15% off your order), Watch: Michael Kors
 1. I wanted to look decent when the Manfriend asked me to go to dinner on Friday night. But, man I was tired. I had been up since 4:40 AM teaching Pilates, I worked my corporate job all day, and I had a maternity photo shoot that evening before we were going to meet... I was BEAT. My heart just wasn't in going through the effort it would take to get "ready-ready" <aka: shave my legs and wash/dry/straighten my hair >. Plus... I was just going to jack my hair up teaching the next morning anyway. So... 

I did shower, but skipped washing the hair and shaving my legs. I kept the outfit casual with a tank top and jeans, but I added heels, sequins, and red lips to punch it up. This is my go-to uniform when I feel like putting as little effort as possible into getting ready (but I still want to look okay): a flowy top, skinny jeans, sky-high heels, and big earrings. Sidenote: I will never NOT love J-Lo, Jenny from the Block enormous hoop earrings. As long as I live. I will wear them.

2. In other news... I've been fighting a secret battle for weeks. Dealing with a problem that I didn't see coming.

These ever-loving LASHES. (Check out the second and last pictures above.) I put them on for Style Night Out (over 2 weeks ago). Have any of you ever worn lash clusters? You simply hope and pray that they stay on through the night, so you're not "that girl". You know, the one with the boo-boo lash hanging off of the top of her eyelid looking like a bunch of little broken spider legs. If they last you through the night and you get a few more days out of them, you consider yourself lucky. So... imagine my surprise when two and a half weeks later they are STILL kicking. I've lost a few, but not enough to make a dent in how they look. Lucky me you may be thinking. But... NO. I've had it. Time to get these things GONE. They are heavy, I can't wear my glasses (they hit my lens when I blink), and every morning I wake up fearing that a cluster or two died over night and that I'll have a big gap in them... making me look like this...


The struggle is real, ya'll. I have tried every home remedy I know of (and that Google and Pinterest know of). Nothing has worked. I got some eye lash extension remover from a woman that works at my hair salon though (even though they are not extensions), and I am going to try that tonight. If it does not work I may just have to wear these things until they grow out. (Then I really will look like the picture above. YIKES.) 

3. I took some engagement photos of a smoking hot couple a few weeks ago. If you'd like to check them out, click on over here to the Photography page. They are ridiculously attractive. Like... you'll see them and think, man... "life isn't effing fair" attractive. Wowzers.

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