Multi-Level Marketing and Obnoxious Bloggers

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As many of you know I started this blog a little over 3 years ago, but I pride myself on not being an over the top, obnoxious blogger.

My definition of an annoying blogger:

1. Your website is full of ads. Which may or may not include my least favorite... pop up ads. So annoying. No one came to your site to buy a 12 month subscription of Us Weekly. Get that shit out of here.
2. Bloggers who push their posts on you by posting numerous pictures of the same outfit over the course of 3-5 days to every social media outlet available to them. You wore a t-shirt tucked into a tu-tu on Saturday afternoon. It was cute. We get it. Why the hell are you still telling us about it on Tuesday? I post once to FB and once to Instagram. That is it.
3. Bloggers who act like their lives are perfect. All rose petals... Starbucks coffee... vases full of perfectly arranged flowers... fruit smoothies... and over-sized sunglasses. If you don't know what I mean then maybe you aren't following as many fashion bloggers as I am on Instagram. Sweet lawd. It's pretty ridiculous.
4. Copious amounts of selfies with inspirational quotes as the caption. As if they are their own words of wisdom. Now... I have nothing against selfies and as you all know, I love me a good inspirational quote. But taking a picture of your perfectly pursed, lipstick laden lips in the drivers seat of your car with a quote about living your dreams attached to it? Come on man. Your lipstick does not inspire me to go out and live large. One or the other, chick. You can have your selfie and your inspirational quote, but not both at the same time. Pick one.
5. And the single MOST annoying thing about some bloggers is when you read their posts and they are clearly sponsored by a company and the blogger uses her entire text to try to sell you something.

I went to a blog that I used to read about a year or so ago and it was about... wait for it... juice. Yup. As in the breakfast drink. This blogger was approached by Tropicana or something and paid to post about their new line of Pineapple/Orange/Mango juices. On her personal style blog??? The pictures she included were of her in a cute outfit pouring juice and talking about how much she loooooved it. How it pairs perfectly with her favorite foods, etc. It was so disingenuous I could barely stomach it (pun intended). I only finished reading it to see how bad it was going to get. I was embarrassed for her. Now... maybe she got a big paycheck for doing that (which is cool) but I couldn't help but wonder how many people (including myself) stopped reading after that train wreck of a post. Insincerity is the worst. I'll be the first to admit that sometimes it is ridiculously frustrating to try to think of something to write that doesn't suck, but taking pictures of yourself pouring juice and smiling coyly while drinking juice from a mini mason jar? Come on now?

Now... I say all that because I am about to tell you about a few things and I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not being paid to say this shit (nor have I ever done that on this blog) and I don't sell this stuff. If I am telling you about something it's because I am currently ob-sessed with it. I am always interested in what products people love, so in the event that you are too, keep reading. If not... bye for now.

Obsession #1:

Rodan + Fields Mini- Facials. I was given one for free to try. It was a little sample packet thingy. I wasn't expecting much from a single-use trial size of anything, but Sweeeeeet Daddy. This thing was amazeballs. It came with Micro-Dermabrasion Paste, Night Renewing Serum, and a Lip Serum. It took all of the dead skin off of my face but did not irritate it one bit. After I dried my face off I put the Night Serum on my face and Lip Serum on my lips and went to bed. The next morning (at 4:15 am when I woke up to teach Pilates - after a mere 5 1/2 hours of sleep) I noticed 3 things. #1. It looked as if I had new skin. No shit. It was really firm, and shiny. Not oily from sleeping shiny either, like healthy shining. Glowing if you will. #2. I have this enormous pore that no matter what I do is ALWAYS there front and center staring back at me. Taunting me. That sucker was tight as a drum all closed up. Buh-bye. #3. The area around my mouth (which I never paid much attention to before) was really smooth. All the little tiny lines looked almost as if they had been filled. My mouth looked younger. Is that weird to say? Does that make sense? If you are a smoker or if you drink thorough a straw a lot you maaaaaaaay need this in your life. It's ridiculously good stuff. I was skeptical because this is a company full of reps who do the hard core, full court press to try to convince you to buy expensive products, but I'm here to tell you.... I am now a believer. Holy shit do I believe.

Like I said... I don't sell Rodan + Fields, but I will be investing in some other goodies of theirs really soon. I am going to look into their  REDEFINE regimen (cause your girl ain't getting any younger). I mean... it's an investment for sure. Their products are not cheap, but if I could wake up with skin like THAT every day it would be worth it. You only get one face, right?

If you're interested in browsing and/or buying all of their lines and products are HERE on my girl, Jen's page.  

Obsession #2:
Younique products. Two of them to be specific. (Although again, I was skeptical of their claims just because I tend to get annoyed by multi-level marketing.)

A. Their 3D Mascara. When I first got it, I was unsure. It was a bit messy (with all these little fibers) and after my first application I had a slight case of spider leg lashes. Long... but too clumpy. They didn't look natural or pretty. I looked scary. But... I gave it another shot, because I am a slow learner and was convinced my first attempt was user error. I was right. Once I tried it again more slowly. Friggin' magic. It's a three step process. I wouldn't use this stuff every day because it is a three step process, and the stuff costs about three times as much as my drug store mascara, but man oh man... if you want a fake eyelash look w/o the glue, irritants, chemicals, time and money spent... get you some of this. It takes normal looking lashes and transforms them in 2 minutes. It's almost crazy how well it works. Also... its completely natural and will not irritate sensitive skin/eyes. Here is what you do, and here is a before and after from the web. I was going out when I used mine last and forgot to take a close up picture.

1) First you apply 1 coat of your regular mascara (any old cheap brand would do, its just a base)
2) Then you apply 1 coat of the Younique gel (its black and resembles regular mascara)
3) Then you apply 1 coat of the Younique fibers (it looks like pieces of black fluff on a mascara wand)
4) Then you apply another coat of the Younique gel to seal it
5) Repeat until you get your desired effect

This pic is NOT an exaggeration. Promise. You can buy it HERE for $29.00

B. Younique's Lip Liner. I love me a bold lip. Most of the time I just wear a lip liner and some gloss, skipping lipstick all together. THIS liner lasts longer than any I have used, doesn't get on my teeth and held up against everything I ate and drank (which is a lot). There are 3 colors of this stuff that I love. Perky, Posh, and Primal. If you are interested you can get it HERE for $15.

If you clicked the links for the Younique products you may notice I sent you to two different pages. Here's the deal... if you live closer to the North East (NY), go to this page to get your stuff. You'll get it sooner. If you live closer to the South East (Charlotte) go to this page to get it sent to you right away.

I know none of the stuff I told you about tonight is cheap (which is odd since I am the queen of the drugstore makeup aisle) but sometimes, you really do get what you pay for. Let me know if you check any of the stuff out and what you think.

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