Poncho: Lotus, Pants: Express, Cardigan and Purse: Target, Shoes: Off Broadway, Tank: Vestique, Necklace: Celene Stones (email Krista and mention ModaFresca for 15% off your custom piece - celenestones@gmail.com)

So it's Thursday.

Man... I used to love me a good Thursday. I'd look so forward to them.

Back in the day it's when my weekend would really start. Thursday is like a mullet haircut. Business at the beginning, but alllllll party by the end (Whoop Whoop). I'd go into work and do my thing all day, but then at 5/6pm.... BOOM... <<<<oh shhhht it's party time>>>>. I'd meet friends for happy hour, go to an outdoor venue to see a band play, meet up with people for dinner and (3 too many) drinks. I guess I just kind of thought... "ah... it's okay if I feel like dog shit tomorrow, right? I just need to get through one last weekday".

Lawd how things have changed. Somehow Thursdays have become my most insane day.

This is my today:

4:45AM - Alarm
5:30AM- Co-Instructing at a Bootcamp for an hour (1/2 the class does Pilates with me then we switch off)
7:00 AM- Shower and get ready for my Corporate job.
8:00 AM- Try to get blog pics taken. 
9:00 AM- Survived my commute in. Uptown in the office.
5:45 PM- Home. Attempting to get a blog post written and posted.
6:30 PM- Co-Instructing at Bootcamp #2
7:45 PM - My Pilates Group Class at the Gym
9:15 PM - Home &Shower
11:30 PM- Falling through the bed, mouth wide open, heavy breathing, "is she dead or is she sleeping" type sleep


I am NOT complaining. I brought ALL of this on myself and I love every bit of it. I mean... the day job really "grinds my gears" sometimes, but in all honesty I am having much more fun these days than I was when I was indulging in weekly Thirsty Thursday sessions. My liver thanks me as well. It's never said as much, but I can safely assume it appreciates the fact that I don't spend hours on end testing the limits of its ability to metabolize and break down alcohol on a regular basis.

All of that being said, I was REAL tired this morning. Skipped washing my hair, for oh say the 4th day in a row and just curled the grease back into it. And... I didn't give a hoot about what I was wearing. When I don't care I default to matching. Like... kind of go overboard with it. It takes no thought to match head to toe. Hence the pants, tank, purse and shoes. Then I put a balled up gray cardigan that was in my closet on and threw more gray over top of it all. Two colors. Done and done.  I love the necklace, shoes, and poncho, but this basic ass cardigan made me feel like a LAME-O all day. Hated it.

Why is it that when we don't feel like going to work we don't put much effort into what we are wearing? It should be the opposite way around, don't you think? Like... "Man, I don't want to go to work today. Maybe I should step my game up so I at least feel good about how I look?" Right? Step into that office like BOW... BOOM... BANG... DEAD.... KILLED IT. Beyonce on that ass. But no. Instead we wear Heather Gray Cardigans and outerwear that could double as a friggin' afghan and then wish we had made stronger choices.  Instead of Beyonce we show up as Amy Farrah fricken Fowler. (Blossom's character in The Big Bang Theory.) I think I am going to put WWBD on my bathroom mirror in red lipstick... What Would Beyonce Do?

Also... does anyone elses grandma call blankets afghans? Is that even a real thing?

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  1. Great minds think alike . . . . I bought those shoes in Taupe!