Haters Gonna Hate...

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Maaaaaaaaaaaan... some people. 

I tell ya...

I love women and I support them. I don't hate on women who are successful, have nice things, have a rockin' body, lots of money, are hilarious, are off the charts intelligent or possess any number of talents or traits that seem to frustrate other women and make them jealous. I mean.... I may refer to them as "bitches" but in a....

"Man.... THIS BITCH RIGHT HERE is killin' the game!!!" kind of way.

Real hateful jealously is a waste of time and energy (count your own damn blessings would ya, everyone has problems you know nothing about); but I have found that it is the root of almost every side eye, or catty, hateful comment made (by women about other women).

I get inspired by women who innovate, hustle and work hard for their shit. (Just look at my friends... they are hot and successful... and all-around awesome.) It always throws me off when other people don't. You know, the "Negative Nancies" of the world. The people who always have some dumb shit to say, are never happy for other people and immediately feel threatened by someone else's success.

I am writing all of this out (venting basically) because I've been on the receiving end of some "hate" lately and it's pissed me right the hell off. 

I recently made the decision to start selling Rodan and Fields.  It's clinical skincare (4 different regimen lines and various other products) and it is ahhhhh-friggin-amazing!!!

It has changed the lives of the people who use it by making them feel more confident. That may sound like a stretch ("it changed their lives... yeah... sure, Melissa... ), but truly.

It's helped:
  • get rid of wrinkles and deep lines (Redefine)
  • reversed brown spots and years of sun damage (Reverse)
  • cleared up acne (even major, cystic acne) (Unblemish)
  • soothed red, irritated skin (even for people who suffer from psoriasis and/or eczmea)  (Soothe)

It was created by the same dermatologists who created Proactiv. The shit is the REAL DEAL HOLYFIELD. Although I will admit... I was REALLY skeptical at first. I refused to try it for months and months saying it was too expensive and probably didn't work. Truthfully, I was getting annoyed by people who were aggressively trying to "sell" me on it. I hadn't met anyone who just kind of talked to me about it like a girlfriend versus a potential customer. Until my friends, Elizabeth and Caroline. They talked "to" me, not "at" me and finally... I listened.

And when I did. I stood corrected. Really effing corrected.

I LOVE beauty products and I've tried a lot of them out there, but (for me at least) it was time to stop effing around and get serious. I'm 35 years old and I've got horizontal lines across my forehead, a few enlarged pores that look like little holes in my face, some blackheads on my nose that never go away for long, sun damage near my forehead, and I those vertical "11" wrinkles were coming in something FIERCE between my eyes.

(The pictures on this blog are pictures taken in GREAT light and the ones that look really rough, well... let's be honest they just don't make the cut.  I mean, I'm real on this blog, but don't get crazy.)

I kind of always thought I'd be the type of women to not really give a crap about wrinkles and stuff, but that was before I got them. When you are 25 it's REALLY easy to be all like... "I'm going to embrace growing old. I'm going to let Mother Nature leave her mark all over my face. Wrinkles are just evidence of past smiles and a life fully lived. Blah... blah... blah." But now.... FUUUK.THAT.NOISE.

I'm not going down without a fight. Mother Nature is a bitch.

I am trying to look exactly like I feel... young, vivacious, energetic, and healthy.

I spent a lot of time in the sun for many, many years. Like half my life. That shit jacked my face UP. I don't even leave the house w/o sunscreen now, but man... the damage has been done.

So here's the deal... I love Rodan and Fields products and the only way you can buy them is from independent consultants (aka- they are not sold in stores). So I decided to become someone you can get them from.

I don't care if you buy them, or if you don't believe me that they are THE BOMB. I'm not going to try to "push" anyone into anything. It's kind of the opposite. I'm not trying to "sell" so much as share.

I like women. I wants us all to look and feel good. I found out about something that can help with that, and I'm helping get the word out. Simple. And yes, it's a business. If I make some money from the time I spend working it... win-friggin-win. I refer people all of the time to things. (My hair guy, nail place, or a good restaurant. I share workout tips, when I find a good product on sale, who does my brows, where I buy clothes, etc.) I like buying local. I like supporting people that I know believe in what they sell. So this is a natural extension of that. 


Here are some before and afters that blew my mind. If you're interested in any products let me know (Hess.Melissa1@gmail.com or send me a private FB message). I'll call you, send you some info via email, or invite you to a girl's night in I'm going to have at my house soon. Here's my website if you're curious. You can buy a product, a full regimen, become a preferred customer, or become a consultant yourself.

Women sharing beauty secrets and supporting one another. What's so bad about that? In my opinion... nothing. So... sit the hell down and mind YO business, haters.

Go get mad about something that matters, like mass genocide, human trafficking, or global warming.

And if that scowl on your face starts to give you frown lines... I can help with that. HA!

REDEFINE regimen

SOOTHE regimen


REVERSE regimen

REVERSE regimen

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