Seeing Spots

Blazer and Shirt: Forever 21, Shorts: Old Navy (3+ years ago), Shoes: Off Broadway, Necklaces: Street Vendors in NYC (Photos: Carrie Hawkins Foust)

I love NC. It was 80 degrees in the middle of October this day. I wanted to wear this fun, flimsy top and some shorts one more time, but the temperature can drop 30 degrees on a day like today, so I paired it with a blazer. I matched the orangey/coral color in the top to a pair of really old, Old Navy shorts I had. The blazer is a tan color which complimented the orange, navy blue and tan colors in the top and gave the outfit almost a preppy feel (see prep school-like emblem on the blazer and gold buttons). As it is mid-October and I haven't really been in the sun for over 2 months, my legs needed all the help they could get, so I threw on these super high, stacked heel, loafer like numbers for some extra height (they also felt a little preppy to me).  As far as jewelry goes, I threw on a matching coral colored necklace with my staple monogrammed one and then added the turquoise one because I felt way too matchy-matchy without it. The bag is white....and I rock it ALL year long. I liked that it had a tan canvas strap and gold details. Come colder weather, I'll wear this all again and just replace the shorts for some dark denim. 

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