white fang

Blazer: H&M, Tank: Off 5th, Jeans: lotus, Shoes, Michael Shannon/Off Broadway, Vest: Kenar, Watch: Michael Kors, Bag: Bakers, Bracelets: Gift Shop @ Museum of Modern Art, Washington, DC; Handpicked, Bag Lady (photos: Carrie Hawkins Foust)
Casual Fridays....my favorite day of the work week. All of the "Suits" relax a little bit and wear their jeans to the office. I do a lot of people watching walking in and out of work on Fridays. You get more of a sense of what people like to wear, their style and a glimpse into their individual personalities. I was running late on Friday, as per usual, and threw on skinny jeans and neutral, nude heels (staple). I almost always pair skinny jeans with a longer, loose fitting top (that totally, or at least partially covers up the booty and doesn't hug the mid section) and because it was still a work day, I threw on a winter white blazer that matched the tank top. The tank top in this picture is a summer staple of mine with shorts. It starts out white at the top and gradually turns creme at the bottom. It's a racer back tank and loose enough to balance out the skinny jeans. The blazer was a great find at H&M in NYC. It was $60, more than I would normally spend on a casual blazer (one that was not part of a real suit), but it was perfect and I knew that I could wear it to work, and on the weekends...that I could layer it, dress it down, or dress it up. I liked the look of the big boxy blazer and loose tank with form fitting bottom half of the outfit...its all about balance, loose on the bottom, fitting on the top and of course, vice versa. I decided to accessorize mainly with brown, so I threw on a tortoise shell necklace and (tortoise shell and gold) Michael Kors watch. I threw on a pair of  $4 over-sized faux pearl earrings and a bunch of gold, silver  and brown bracelets and headed out the door (I enthusiastically endorse mixing metals when accessorizing). Last minute I grabbed my fun, faux-fur hooded vest (because, why not!). I threw the vest on to walk from my car to the office, but left the hood off. Corporate America is not quite ready for the hood.  If that sounds like a lot of effort for a time-crunched Friday morning, it actually wasn't. In fact, typing this entry actually took twice as long as getting dressed for work did.
*Special shout out to my Mom for the gift of the love.faith.hope bracelet and to Carrie for my new favorite "Believe" bracelet.*

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