Shower Caps and Stilettos

Coat/Cape: Boris & Natasha , Shirt: Target, Skirt: Banana Republic, Shoes: Shoe Dazzle, Necklace: Forever 21, Bracelets: Ivy & Leo, Forever 21, Stella & Dot, Watch: Michael Kors, Ring: LeVian (this one was a "To: Me, From: Me"  30th BDay gift), (Photos: Carrie Hawkins Foust)
I can't help but hum "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music when I repeat the title of this post. Of course it may go..."raindrops on shower caps and sales tags on stilettos" in my version, but I digress. Shower caps and stilettos are a few of my favorite things because they enable me to go from Sunday to Monday morning with minimal effort. I throw a shower cap on to cut my "getting ready" time in half and swap out my Sunday shoes for stilettos and I am good to go! Well....almost. As you may have already noticed from the photos, I was sporting second-day hair here. The grease from day two hair is great natural hairspray, but my hairline starts to look a little suspect after about 10am. Well, if you hadn't noticed, you are now scrolling through the photos again and judging me, aren't you?! Yesterday I washed and flat ironed my hair (pin straight), put this blouse and cape on and went to watch football with friends at our local watering hole. I dressed the blouse down by keeping it untucked, pairing it with black leggings and wearing it with camel colored boots (from the Sweet Baby Jane post). I wore all of this jewelry yesterday as well, except the gaggle of pearls. I threw those around my neck this morning. I have a habit of recycling the vast majority of whatever I wear on Sunday (on the rare Sundays that I leave the house in anything other than sweatpants that is) on Monday mornings. I don't have the will or the brain power on Mondays to start from scratch. I did pat myself on the back for pairing this blouse (black and tan print) with a black and white houndstooth skirt. If I had not forced myself out of my comfort zone I would have made a bee-line for the solid black pencil skirt and missed out on all of the fun. I am sure many of you are wondering why I would mix prints and colors like this, but I liked it and thought it worked out pretty well (and if you don't like it, go for the black skirt...."scaredy" cat ;). I opted for these cute nude and black heels (the nude in the front of course, elongating the leg, but the black of the heel spicing things up a bit) to play off of the colors in the shirt. *Special shout-out to my friend, Tommy Brady, who saw these shoes online and e-mailed me the photo of them knowing that I would love them. Little did he know that they were on a UPS truck already on their way to my humble abode. Then there's the cape...you may know by now how I feel about capes. I love this super-hero(ine) inspired garment! This particular number is short and thin, so it does not feel cumbersome like a jacket and the faux-fur trimmed hood....well, let's just say that it makes me insanely, irrationally happy. It's the little things.

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