All American Prep

Blazer: Ralph Lauren, Tank: Target, Jeans: lotus, Purse: ShoeDazzle, Boots: Marshalls, Necklace: HandPicked, Bracelets: Ivy & Leo, Stella & Dot, Buckets, Target,  Rings: Express and HandPicked (photos: Carrie Hawkins Foust)
Stop rubbing your eyes...yes, these are FLAT boots that you spy in these photos. I worked most of the day then my team and I spent the later part of the afternoon sorting barrels of donated apples at Second Harvest Food Bank. I couldn't very well wear heels to volunteer at the food bank (I can be practical when I have to be) so I donned these comfortable flat riding boots. Perhaps it was the patriotic combination of red, white, and blue, the crest on the RL blazer, the pearl studs, or the big gold buttons, but I felt very preppy in this ensemble. Overall I really like it though. It was "put together" enough for a day at work and casual enough to stand in for hours on end. I actually wore this exact outfit to tailgate in a few weeks ago (swapping out the tank for a creme colored one... see "white fang" post). The detail on the boots and bright red paint on my nails inspired the bag choice and then the straps on the bag inspired the long mixed metal chain that I added last minute. This is a great weekend outfit. Comfortable, casual, put together and stylish... who could ask for anything more.

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