Love = Red Lips & Red Dot Sales

Blazer: The Gap, Blouse: Sophia Max, Skirt: Forever 21, Tights: Target, Shoes: Aldo, Purse: Michael Kors, Ring and Earrings: Aldo Accessories, Bracelets: LOTUS and Ivy & Leo, Watch: Michael Kors (photos: Carrie Hawkins Foust)
Did you spy the hooded, fur-trimmed camel colored winter coat in the photo above? It happens to be a $360 Vince Camuto winter jacket that I scored for $90 at a Red Dot sale this past weekend at Belk. I bought it (even though it is a size too big) because it is the perfect length, it has a fur-trimmed hood, it is in a timeless color, and...wait for it...it has leather patches on the elbows. Like an old school smoking jacket, or a tweed blazer worn by a ruggedly handsome (and well-read man) from an old movie. One who drinks aged scotch, can quote Shakespeare, and always gets the girl. Okay...so maybe I read too much into the leather elbow patches, but man, they made me ridiculously happy and sealed the deal for me with this jacket. I blame it on my friend, Sara, actually. It was my idea to go to the mall (to make a quick exchange at Sephora), but it was she who lead me to the sale racks at Belk where everything was 70-85% off. I found this blouse on those racks as well (and Sara scored a Michael Kors top for like $16.00...just ridiculous). It too is a size too big, but given the fact that it is made to be flowy and loose, and that it was only $18.00, I easily justified it. I love a good deal, but I am not always the best at finding them. I hate digging through endless, unorganized racks. I never print out e-mailed coupons. I recycle sales flyers that come in the mail, and I never open up store credit cards (even when they offer insane discounts off of the merchandise purchased at that particular store). I am usually to lazy to hunt for sales, but when I stumble upon them I sure do capitalize on them. The entire outfit was a bargain actually. I already explained how I ended up with the blouse, but the blazer was on sale too, at The Gap in 2005. I remember finding it and noticing a lipstick stain on the lapel. When I pointed it out to the person at the register they gave me a 25% discount. BOO-YAH. I paid $8.00 to get it dry cleaned. I have gotten miles of wear out of over the last 7 years. Clearly, this little winter-white gem was worth the investment I made (and in 2005, $58.00 was quite the investment for me). I found the shoes when I was in San Francisco at Aldo. They were 30% off. Oh, and the skirt is from F21. I got this little mama-jamma for $7.00. I actually paid more for the lipstick I am wearing than the skirt I am sporting. It's all about balance, right? 
Before I forget....HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, EVERYONE (or, a "perfect reason to wear bright red lipstick day" as I like to call it). I hope you all had a great one and that you took the opportunity to make someone (anyone) feel extra special today. :) 

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