Switch Your Style Up: VDay Edition

Outfit 1: Blazer: Forever 21, Shirt: Banana Republic, Pants: Express, Shoes: Off Broadway, Purse: H&M, Bracelet: Buckets, Necklace: Stella & Dot (love this!!!). Outfit 2: Jacket and Cardigan: Forever 21, Tank: Banana Republic, Pants: Express: Shoes: Off Broadway, Purse: Hong Kong Vintage, Necklace: So old I can't remember, Ring: Marthe Pinaire (all photos: Carrie Hawkins Foust)
I wish I could claim that I did this on purpose. That it was my idea all along to wear the same pair of pants two totally different ways just days apart from each other and then post the two looks side by side. Well...it wasn't. It also wasn't my initial intention to showcase red pants the day before Valentine's Day. It did however, work out that way. Sweet serendipity. I wore the "preppy" outfit (camel blazer) last Thursday to work. Carrie and I took a couple of photos for the blog, but I never ended up posting them. I wasn't really feeling it that day, and by the time I got home that night I got sidetracked and never posted the pictures. I got busy after that. One of my very "bestest" friends in the whole wide world, Sara, came into town from NY for the weekend and we were too busy day drinking mimosas to blog. So, this morning when I got up, I put on one half of my Sunday outfit (I wore the animal print cardigan and jacket yesterday with leggings and flat black boots), but needed bottoms, so...since these were hanging up where my eyes could see I grabbed the red pants, yet again, to wear today. I didn't realize it until I got to work that I was wearing the same statement piece (bright red pants) that I wore mere days ago, but that today's look was completely different from the one just days before.The first outfit had a kind of classic feel with my prep school blazer, navy and gold necklace, over-sized sunglasses, hair parted on the side, camel tote bag, and snakeskin pumps. Today's outfit had an edgier feel, I had my fringed bangs out loud and proud, an animal print cardigan, bold gunmetal necklace, cropped, black (p)leather jacket, mirrored aviator sunglasses and vintage red clutch. It's kind of neat to see how one pair of bright red pants can be switched up to create two totally different looks. I swear I could wear these loud, obnoxious pants once a week and find something different to do with them. (Do you smell a challenge? I think I do.) I can't help but get Kanye West lyrics in my head when I see this..."50 told me, go ahead switch your style up...and if they hate, let 'em hate..." (finish the rest if you know it).

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