Saturday Night Leftovers

Top: Green with Envy, Skirt: Target, Booties: ShoeDazzle, Dress: LOTUS, Necklace: (Bib) HandPicked, (Elephant) Wholesaler in NYC but it was available at LOTUS, Ring: LOTUS, Earrings: c/o: Marthe Pinaire, Purse: Forever 21 (photos: Carrie Hawkins Foust)
My boyfriend calls these my "Femme Fatale" Booties which translates (in French) to "Deadly Woman". I can see why. They have a serious stiletto heel,  and the detailing paired with black (p)leather make them look utilitarian enough to kick some serious "you know what".  I wore them out to dinner on Saturday night with the (black and white) dress pictured above. This dress is great. That print is all over the whole thing; it is short and has a deep scoop on the flip side that makes it appear almost backless. It's very cute. I wore it with tights, this ring, a cropped black (p)leather jacket, and carried this purse. I didn't feel like doing (or washing) my hair, so I threw it on top of my head, added some red lip and went out for a bit. My favorite part of this ensemble is this necklace though. The "ivory" (faux, of course) elephant in the middle of all of those little black beads took me back to my high school hippie days. It looks like something I would have worn then with a long skirt and over-sized wool sweater. Actually, this dress is probably the same length as some of the sweaters I used to wear. I don't know why I used to think that HUGE clothing would make me look smaller...'cause I am pretty sure it had the exact opposite effect. Anyway...these booties were still laying on the floor near my bed this morning when I woke up to go to work. I was tired. REALLY tired. I had about zero motivation to do anything with myself, but because I hadn't washed my hair in a few days I had no other choice but to do something with it. By the time I got done drying it I had very little time, so I grabbed the tights and booties from Saturday night and went to my closet. I grabbed a staple of my wardrobe...the black pencil skirt, and looked for a loose fitting top. (Homegirl was feeling a little chubby after eating her way through Superbowl Sunday. UGH. Gross.) I decided on this cute blue top with billowy sleeves, but it looked really bland with my plain skirt, so I  pulled this (bib) necklace off of the top of my dresser. I have had this necklace for about 2 years and I have never worn it. Nope, not even once, and it's cute, right?!? Anyway, the outfit today was kind of boring, but my leftovers from Saturday night spiced it up a bit, don't you think? Sometimes having a messy nightstand from the weekend provides some much needed Monday morning inspiration. ;)

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