Rookie Move

Just look at how fabulous my lady friends are!!! My friend, Krista (yellow jeans....how much do you love these yellow jeans??????!!!!!), won a free dinner for 12 prepared by a personal chef at Flex & Fit Charlotte. Flex & Fit is this amazing gym that does personal training, yoga, barre, AIR, and offers cooking classes. It's in a beautiful, modern building and when you walk in you see this gorgeous chef's kitchen with a bar attached. You would never know that you were walking into a gym at first. Krista and Heather (her beautiful, fabulous sister in the yellow skirt and amazing leopard print open-toed booties) brought lots of wine and champagne to sip on while the chef cooked. We hung out, admired the facilities, and laughed until our stomachs hurt before eating an amazingly delicious meal. It was while we were chatting and sipping bubbly that I realized my grave mistake. My back hurt and I had this weird cramp in my calf and I couldn't figure out why. All of a sudden it hit me...it got quiet in my head and I started to worry...and then....I looked down. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT in the WOOOOOORLD....I had 2 different shoes on. IN PUBLIC! We were miles away from home, and it was 7pm and I knew we were out for the night. WHAT THE HECK!!!!! What a rookie move. Who does that????? Who literally walks out of the house with 2 different shoes on their feet? Apparently, this girl right here does. Go ahead, if you haven't scrolled up to see for yourself, no really...go ahead...look up at the 7th and 8th picture. At least for the love of God, they are both in the same color family. The one on the left foot is about a half an inch higher than the other one. My back was killing me. I pointed it out to all of my friends and we cracked up (and they proceeded to point down at my shoes and crack up all over again). A few hours into the night I was hurting. I felt like I had scoliosis and a spear in my lower back. It was horrendous. You wouldn't think a half an inch would make that big of a difference but it did. Wow. We still had a good 3-4 hours to go in the evening. By the time we left dinner (to go to the bar we were all meeting at) my boyfriend had had enough of my misery. I am sure he could see how the rest of the night was going to play out if I was pain. Not pretty. So.....on the way to the bar he pulled into the parking lot of a gigantic shoe store (Off Broadway) and forced me (well, it didn't take much convincing) to go in and get a new pair of (matching) shoes. I went in and found these cute little suede/leather/snake print pumps. They didn't necessarily work great with the dress, but I liked them so I got them and we were in and out in 5 minutes. I was a new woman and my new comfy (its all relative, right) shoes gave me a new lease on life. I partied well into the night (like a rock star  I might add) with my gorgeous and fashionable friends. I normally don't put many personal pictures on the blog but my friends outfits (and matching shoes) were far to great to keep to myself, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Oh and by the way, you may believe (from my dramatic reaction) that Friday night was the first time in my life that  I had left the house with two different shoes on, but you'd be wrong. I did it a few years ago...to work, but it was worse. That day, I left with one navy pump and one black pump on and there was easily an inch difference between the two. I had to go to two meetings that way, but I rescheduled the rest of my afternoon to run home and change them out. I am going to need to do better. Either that, or keep the other half of my shoe collection in my trunk for situations such as this.


  1. As my Fashion Police Godmother would have said "Always carry a spare pair, darling!" :D

  2. Hahaha....I know....I know. I'm learning! I put a pair of matching heels in my trunk (true story) and that is where they are staying! <3